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  1. jonny.rainbow

    [Albion] To date, who is Brighton's greatest manager?

    Barry Lloyd. Qualifying for the playoffs with a negative goal difference. No other Brighton manager has achieved that.
  2. jonny.rainbow

    [Politics] Labour has suspended former leader Jeremy Corbyn

    The last election was effectively a second referendum on Brexit. Starmer was the architect behind Labour’s fudged mandate policy to negotiate a second deal and then give the people a vote on that. Corbyn should’ve stuck to his principle of respecting the referendum result. He’s at fault for...
  3. jonny.rainbow

    [Albion] Your Semi-Final ticket buying strategy

    Need to add an option for ‘I’m STH Priority 1 - buying straight away to harvest the loyalty points but then selling the ticket on to someone else.’ :whistle:
  4. jonny.rainbow

    [Albion] Beating Grimsby after extra time would be a hollow victory

    In the very first Football Association Challenge Cup in 1872, the winners Wanderers only won one match prior to to the final. Their run to the final included a third round 0-0 draw with the original Crystal Palace Club* that saw BOTH clubs progress to the semi-finals without a replay. In the...
  5. jonny.rainbow

    [Albion] Our 5 Penalty takers - Pub Debate

    I assume Ali Mac is having some more personal time with his girlfriend if he is not in you and your mates’ first fives.
  6. jonny.rainbow

    [Albion] Premier League 17-19/3/23

    Very Spursy ending to this one.
  7. jonny.rainbow

    [Albion] Premier League 17-19/3/23

    Well done Hoops!
  8. jonny.rainbow

    [Albion] Palace Fans Biggest Fear

    Bringing Hodgson back is all part of this whole fake 1861 rebranding. Victorian era standard ground. Kick and rush football. Dinosaur manager. All fits perfectly.
  9. jonny.rainbow

    [Help] Student Research on the Social power of football fans

    I do love it whenever these dissertation survey threads come up and all the armchair university lecturers offer their free critique to the student. :lolol: Utter NSC.
  10. jonny.rainbow

    [Albion] Seagulls attack Haddocks

    No one likes a grass.
  11. jonny.rainbow

    [Football] Gareth Southgate at the Amex?

    Is Roberto Di Matteo Chelsea’s greatest ever manager. Won the Champions League didn’t he?
  12. jonny.rainbow

    [Other Sport] RIP Dick Fosbury

    I won the high jump at my school sports day by refusing to Fosbury flop. Everyone tried and failed to clear a very low bar as their legs crashed on it as they went over. I straddled it to take the gold.
  13. jonny.rainbow

    [Albion] Mickey Thomas

    I never knew Russell Grant played for Leeds.
  14. jonny.rainbow

    [Albion] The Leeds Family

    We should have chanted something really offensive like ‘War of the Roses - You lost the War of the Roses’ to the tune of Guantanamera.
  15. jonny.rainbow

    [Football] Gary Lineker to step back from presenting MOTD

    There are already many free ways to watch the match highlights without studio punditry prior to MOTD airing each evening. MOTD’s only real USP is the pundits it chooses to present its flagship show. I find it strange anyone who dislikes Lineker et al bothers to stay up to watch it.
  16. jonny.rainbow

    [Football] Gary Lineker to step back from presenting MOTD

    Tony Hall is looking to install Ron Atkinson as the new host of MOTD with Jay Rodriguez as the main pundit.
  17. jonny.rainbow

    [Drinking] The Cliftonville pub closed today

    Hopefully, @big hilda slipped @Ernest an extra big sausage for old time’s sake.
  18. jonny.rainbow

    [Albion] Strange things people do at the Amex

    Not so strange. Historically the pie casing was just a container to cook the filling in. Eating the crust would look peculiar to the Victorian chaps who laid down the laws of the beautiful game.