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  1. dazzer6666

    [Albion] Ooh! Aaaah!

    He’s such an intelligent, articulate individual….also love the fact he knew JWP had dropped and was playing him onside, and that he knew he had no-one else near him so he could take a touch. Song went on for ages….basically until the last Stains fan had shuffled out the exit. Scenes :lolol:
  2. dazzer6666

    [Albion] Ooh! Aaaah!

    Absolutely…..sure the Stains fans enjoyed the 500 repeats after the final whistle :lol::lol: He’s finally got a song. No need to **** about any more, just belt it out. Simple. Away support was brilliant today I thought……helps having a decent stand where we’re all together unlike that dump...