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  1. Vicar!

    [Football] Union Saint-Gilloise

    Being played at Anderlecht so should be a good few tickets available.
  2. Vicar!

    [Albion] All them lovely Japanese fans in the east lower…

    Lets make them properly welcome. Tony please open a Ramen bar on the concourse.
  3. Vicar!

    [Football] Fulham or Chelsea

    I was once treated to hospitality at Chelski in the UTB club which was also Roman’s nightclub. Very good it was too. Informal, no dress code, buffet dinner, help yourself. Decent bottled beer, unlimited, guest speaker Kerry Dixon (nice bloke). Aftershow Pizza and wine and souvenir. Enjoyed, wish...
  4. Vicar!

    [NSC] Simon Mayo & Drivetime

    Sat next to him at school.
  5. Vicar!

    [Misc] My prostate and I.

    My Oncologist referred to them as tiger and pussy cat tumours. I think I remember a survey of deceased gentleman in Detroit in their 50’s found traces of PC in 50% of them. That is why watchful waiting, where the PSA is monitored on a regular basis, is an option. For record my PSA was 1.5 when...
  6. Vicar!

    [Misc] My prostate and I.

    Yeah bit of my past here. I underwent IMRT 15 years ago, that is/was an experimental treatment of Radiotherapy at the time. Still here, we check PSA six monthly. Be aware though even a small amount of exercise within 24 hours of test, such as a moderate walk will raise the score, and cause...
  7. Vicar!

    [Football] Queens Park FC The Spiders.

    Sad times in Fife. Hopefully be back one day but support, as little as it is, appears to be falling away. Best of luck to Queens Park.
  8. Vicar!

    [Albion] Characters from The Goldstone North Stand - early eighties

    Vintage performance one winter in front of the old railway departure board on Brighton station when he exposed himself in front of a group of women who collapsed in hysterical laughter and carried on their evening unperturbed.
  9. Vicar!

    [Albion] Characters from The Goldstone North Stand - early eighties

    When he used to use a ring pull from a can, piece of wool and set light to his nose. Unique.
  10. Vicar!

    [Music] Billy Joel

    Mets fan. Settles it for me.
  11. Vicar!

    [Albion] IOW exiles

    My lad lives in Newport and we come over every other month. In all likelihood we will move over and some detailed pub research is currently being undertaken. Heads up to the Waverley (Newport) for offing a Manure game in favour of the Albion. May have cleared the bar I will admit, a suitable...
  12. Vicar!

    [Albion] Maty Ryan

    Yes he could make the odd error, but a fine keeper and his enthusiasm was there for all to see. But, and its a big one, he was too short at this level.
  13. Vicar!

    [Technology] New London to Brighton train game

    Where’s the bus.
  14. Vicar!

    [Drinking] Pubs that have gone downhill

    A few years ago I drank in every pub around the station over a couple of months. The Star was still the best. Worst was the Eddy (pint went in the flowerpot.) and The Pond ( now under new management)
  15. Vicar!

    [Albion] Are we being too precious?

    I like the Leicester model of selling on ONE star player a season. Trossard has done his bit and is entitled to a move this summer, best of luck to him. The club though should make it clear no departures in the winter period, the loss of Dan Burn last year threw us seriously off track. As far as...
  16. Vicar!

    [Albion] Arrogant rivals during our skint years (but who's laughing now?)

    Reading could be quite a handful at Elm Park. Miss the place TBH.
  17. Vicar!

    [Albion] Arrogant rivals during our skint years (but who's laughing now?)

    I remember them chasing us across a car park at Vale Park in the 70’s. We ended up in a supermarket with Staffs finest and hounds at one exit, and PV at the other. Weighed up the options, and took our chances with the locals, nearer to the car as it happened.
  18. Vicar!

    [Travel] Anyone been to Maldives?

    Go as far from Male as possible. Its a busy port, that tropical island paradise illusion is a bit flat if you are seeing industrial shipping floating past all the time. Try to get an onbound flight to the more remote islands.