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    [Albion] 83 19 23

    wrong post.
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    [Politics] Labour has suspended former leader Jeremy Corbyn

    How is having a vote anti democratic?
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    [Brighton] Old Brighton Postcard

    It’s just amazing that nearly the whole of that stretch for road from the Peace Statue to the Palace Pier sits on a great big void. It does make you wonder just how safe the road and the properties under it really are. I remember going into the basement of one of the rock shops on the seafront...
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    [Misc] Happy 70th Birthday NHS - Best Of British Bar NONE

    I think it might be referring to the duplication of effort, the order of priorities and poor choices being made in purchasing drugs, infrastructure and equipment. I suspect the number of fingers in the pie might have something to do with it.
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    [Albion] Do you log every football game you go to?!

    No, but I reckon I could just about list all the away grounds I’ve been to over the years - many of which don’t exist any more!
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    How many players live locally?

    I think Gross moved into Knockharts place just off Shirley Drive - I’ve seem him walking round the Rec before now.
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    [Humour] Caption contest

  8. dejavuatbtn

    [Sussex] Brighton Main Line 2 to be built?

    dump? Well this pad doesn’t help the scenery.
  9. dejavuatbtn

    [Football] Barcelona- UEFA Investigation

    You’d like to think they will also chase the money given to referees to fix decisions. What a can of worms. Money, money, money. I do despair at what has become of the beautiful game.
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    [Albion] Caicedo replacement?

    Hmmm, mixed fortunes buying from PSV - Davy was OK but Jurgen was a one hit wonder.
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    [Albion] New Brighton mural in Hove (In Progress)

    Is that our reserve keeper on there?
  12. dejavuatbtn

    [Albion] Viera has left Palace and Hodgson returns!

    Heard that Bright and Wright have been re-signed too. 😂
  13. dejavuatbtn

    [Technology] Anyone else playing Wordle?

    Wordle 640 3/6 ⬜⬜⬜🟨⬜ 🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 Doh!
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    [Football] Who should have the longer ban?

    Now there was me thinking that players caught betting on matches would receive in a life ban. Back in the 60s you could sort of understand it as the pay was so much less than today and the players banned were Looking to offset their win bonuses should they lose a match. Tomey is payed a stack...
  15. dejavuatbtn

    [Albion] Sanchez handball/red card?

    It was OK, more by luck than judgment. But it is another indicator of why Big Bob gives me palpitations and why I breath a little better with Steele in goal.
  16. dejavuatbtn

    [Albion] Evan Ferguson

    Financially, and I mean ability to pay silly wages, I think we are still some way behind them. i have to say that he is unique in terms of what we have had in my lifetime, other than Bobby Smith who was way past his sell by date when he arrived in div 4.
  17. dejavuatbtn

    [Albion] Beating Grimsby after extra time would be a hollow victory

    We have been Grimsby. I would never begrudge a club like them having a bit of sunshine. Extra time, penalties, I don’t care as long as we get through.
  18. dejavuatbtn

    [Football] Potter at Chelsea

    Don’t you just like a Chelsea fan? My point was them getting another poor home result against a team of donkeys. I’m sure their fans are over the moon and relishing a hammering from Madrid.
  19. dejavuatbtn

    [Football] Potter at Chelsea

    After those years of winning silverware who’d be a Chelsea fan? Today’s result must be a new low ebb. 😂
  20. dejavuatbtn

    [Sussex] Albanian narco gangs.

    I recall a few years ago there was a shooting in Hove involving some Albanians near Hove Town Hall. There have been a number hanging around that area for donkey’s years. There is a scary underworld not far from any of our doors.