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  1. patchamalbion

    [Albion] Pub destinations in London on semi-final day

    Can’t be dealing with Baker Street this time round, good fun and atmosphere for a bit but nightmare getting served, beer in plastic and only time before a flare goes off in the pub/someone does something silly. Likely London Bridge/Bermondsey for us I reckon
  2. patchamalbion

    [Albion] Your Semi-Final ticket buying strategy

    got contacts so already have our tickets so my strategy is to watch this utter binfest unravel in all of its glory.
  3. patchamalbion

    [Albion] FA Cup Semi-Final v Man Utd - 4:30pm, Sunday 23rd April

    Confirmed on club website…… That they still don’t know
  4. patchamalbion

    [Albion] Do you log every football game you go to?!

    Yup, saddo here so always have but been obsessed with Futbology since it was created. Current is 721 games, 389 grounds, 257 Albion matches (110 home 147 away)
  5. patchamalbion

    [Football] Non-League Day this Saturday - Where are you going?

    Bishops Cleeve v Exmouth Town
  6. patchamalbion

    [Albion] FA Cup Semi-Final v Man Utd - 4:30pm, Sunday 23rd April

    Balancing the interests of the FA, Met Police, ITV/BBC, Wembley Stadium, the clubs is clearly proving difficult. Don’t think there’s a question it’s Sunday, think it’s 90% a 16.30 kick off.
  7. patchamalbion

    [Albion] Player-issued shirts up for auction...

    Crazy prices already, any guesses of final price for Mac & Caicedo?
  8. patchamalbion

    [Football] The Non-League Football Thread- 2022/23 Edition

    Went with Lewes to Hornchurch yesterday, really decent game, both had plenty of chances and some cracking saves. Pretty dull ground, running track, few small stands. Decent bar though and a solid crowd over 500 with maybe 40 odd lewes.
  9. patchamalbion

    [Albion] Stoke City vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    0-2 us I reckon Looking like a very cold, maybe not wet, night in Stoke.
  10. patchamalbion

    [Albion] Who's off to Stoke on a cold Tuesday evening?

    Oh yeah we had Leicester a few years back, good point. Wouldn’t know about last year but sure you do!!
  11. patchamalbion

    [Albion] Who's off to Stoke on a cold Tuesday evening?

    All ties in this round were scheduled for mid-week due to the World Cup.
  12. patchamalbion

    [Albion] Who's off to Stoke on a cold Tuesday evening?

    Yup, and looking like a cold wet night! Going to only my 3rd Brighton game alone out of 258. Only 75-90 minute drive
  13. patchamalbion

    [Albion] How high will the Seagulls fly?

    You haven’t finished the league…some have only played 36/37? Also Newcastle only picking up another 14 points I’m struggling with
  14. patchamalbion

    [Albion] Pre Season friendlies in the USA announcement ?

    Not sure that’s affordable what with multiple European away days we’ll have…….
  15. patchamalbion

    [Albion] Stoke FA Cup on TV.

    Wonder how that impacts the away crowd… 1500 max?
  16. patchamalbion

    [Albion] FA Cup fifth round - who do you want?

    Bristol city away please
  17. patchamalbion

    [Other Sport] Official NFL Thread 2022/23

    In some bar in Manchester
  18. patchamalbion

    [Misc] Hit by a bottle yesterday at Leicester

    Saw the bottle fly over, definitely from the home end, I’d hoped it didn't connect so sorry to hear this. As far as away games go it hadn’t even been that bad in the top right corner, few minor verbals after goals but nothing ongoing/particularly bad. Only takes one twat I suppose