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    [Help] Gardeners Question Time.

    Great, thank you. What should I do with it?! Pop it in a bigger pot outside when it warms up, or should it go in a border?
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    [Help] Gardeners Question Time.

    Hello - a relative gave me a cutting about six months ago. I forgot all about it for a few weeks and left it on a shelf, then popped it in a pot just in case, and miraculously it has grown. Does anyone know what it is and what i should do with it? It's very floppy and can't hold its own weight...
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    [Albion] De Zerbi is *The One*

    Every moaning old sod who says to stop faffing around and get the ball forward / stop passing sideways etc should be marched out of their seat, taken to a room in the back of the stadium and made to watch that.
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    [Albion] VAR decision on Estupiñán goal

    Struggling to get as excited as the rest of you about this issue. I think VAR gets more right than it gets wrong, and corrects more on field decisions than it 'incorrects'; frankly it's not going away and I think it's worth having, even though it's not perfect. Someone messed up, that has...
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    [Finance] Price Increases

    That's a big worry isn't it? 1-2 million or so this year moving from mortgages they can afford, to mortgages they are going to struggle to afford (basing this on my own anticipated experience coming up in about months time).
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    [Technology] PS4 External Storage

    Thanks all (y)
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    [Technology] PS4 External Storage

    Thanks for that. Yes, internal HDD is full. Sounds like external HDD will do the job.
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    [Technology] PS4 External Storage

    Hi all I need to buy some external storage for my son's PS4. Will HDD do the job, or do I need to spend quite a bit more and go for SSD? For context, my son is 10, I owe him some money after the Stadia shutdown, and am leaning towards HDD as I doubt he will notice the difference (and I'm...
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    [Albion] Amazing analytics

    We're rubbish at corners, but so is everyone else - since 2010 only 3% of the corners taken in Europe's top five leagues have resulted in a goal (1-2% for the next touch after the corner resulting in a goal). Only 7% of corners lead to a shot on goal. 40% of corners fail to beat the first...
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    [NSC] Unless you can't. Please give Blood.

    Had a call last week from them and they helped me find a slot for today. Great I thought, what fabulous service. 80 minutes before I was about to leave today they have cancelled again due to 'staffing issues'. They really, really don't help themselves do they?
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    [Albion] Silent Support Weekend

    I'm surprised that 6 year olds are playing against other clubs. 8 year olds are just there to have some fun, and in our league play in quarters, so there are three opportunities for the manager to have a chat with the kids. It's just one weekend, just go with it.
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    [Albion] Silent Support Weekend

    Any parent will get emotional seeing their kid get clattered where they feel nothing is being done about it. However there simply can't be any situation where it is excusable for a parent to mouth off at a referee or 'get edgy'.
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    [Albion] Silent Support Weekend

    Clapping and cheering is fine, that's not banned. We're not raising a generation of wimps. We have a generation of adults that don't know how to control themselves at a kids football game.
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    [Albion] Silent Support Weekend

    It's a great initiative. For just one game weekend clapping is still allowed, but no other comments / shouts from supporters or management / coaches. Just let the kids get on, play how they want to play, and problem solve for themselves rather than coaches bellowing instructions. Depressingly...
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    [Albion] Andone

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    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Nottingham Forest *** Official Match Thread ***

    Saw Forest were 7-1 on Sky bet last night. Really hope I'm wrong but this game has all the pointers towards a Palace-esque result of us battering them without scoring, and they score with their only shot on target.
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    [NSC] Unless you can't. Please give Blood.

    After waiting four months, they cancelled the slot because of a lack of staff. I don't think a blood shortage is caused by a lack of volunteers, the infrastructure just isn't there. Looking now, I can't get a slot at a place within 15 miles of me until at least Feb 23.
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    [Albion] Leandro Trossard SIGNS ON A FOUR-YEAR DEAL

    Me too. We're a selling club, but only if we get top dollar and only if we have a back up plan in place, which we invariably do. We have lost a bunch of top quality players and are doing better than ever and have more money in the bank than ever. If that doesn't give people confidence in our...
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    [Travel] Orlando advice

    We did two days in Disneyland California, wanted to get on as many rides as possible so used Genie+. It isn't perfect, and not all rides are on it, but it was great for us, meant we could tick off a lot more rides than we otherwise would have. Getting free photos with it was a nice perk. I...
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    [Football] Emiliano Sala Cardiff City update.

    I'm about half way through but the podcast is worth a listen: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/brand/p0cqr5cz