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    [Albion] FA Cup Semi-Final v Man Utd - 4:30pm, Sunday 23rd April

    The Green Man. Belter of a boozer
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    [Misc] Is this an omen for tomorrow?

    Does TB still spend a lot of time down under? Could be him sending a subtle message to Grimsby...
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    [News] Constance Marten and Mark Gordon arrested in Brighton

    He also committed a violent burglary a month after the rape - 6 doors down from the person he raped.
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    [News] Constance Marten and Mark Gordon arrested in Brighton

    Thanks - and I assume that monitoring for further offending is something that joe public won't be privy to as it would be applied on a case-by-case basis. I'm trying to not sound like a Karen - It is just such a horrific thing that evokes raw emotion
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    [News] Constance Marten and Mark Gordon arrested in Brighton

    I just read This and the bloke is an absolute wrongun. It raises questions for me as to whether the US told us what he had done over there when deporting him and if so, did we do anything about it?
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    [Travel] Bike theft Liverpool game 14/01/23

    Those pinhead items are brilliant. A bike of mine got decimated at shoreham station a few years ago (by a mother and her 13 yo son!) As they couldn't get it away whole they took the forks and saddle. Because they cut through all the hydraulic cables and everything else it was cheaper for my...
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    [TV] fire stick

    I wouldn't personally touch any of the ones you find on google as they are asking to get shut down by doing something illegal so publicly (I did it once and had it disappear 2 months into a 12 month subscription). I have been with my current one since 2018 and it is through a friend of a friend...
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    [Misc] Anyone else having Christmas dinner/day on their own ?

    A few years after my mum died in December depression hit me and I ended up not wanting to go to the in-laws on Xmas day to be reminded of what I was missing and so I had an Xmas on my own. I dropped the wife and daughter over there and then came home, had some beer, cooked a curry and sat in my...
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    [Albion] Arsenal vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    are the highlights on anywhere tonight?
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    [TV] IPTV on Firestick

    Check the Supersports channels (African network so under INT sports or similar) around kick off as they show most games. Especially Arsenal
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    [Albion] Season ticket seat

    You are Darren England and I claim the prize!
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    [Albion] Next Brighton manager

    Why is that?
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    [Football] Was it really £7.60 a pint at West Ham today?

    The 3 quid option at old Trafford is carling though so not sure it counts
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    [Technology] IPTV

    Each IPTV provider has different channel categories which means one person might have "live epl" and another has "live football" To the OP, have a play around with it tomorrow when there is footy on and look in all categories (except Sky sports) to see if you can find the live games.
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    [News] USA Testing to be dropped

    Very much this! I got back from Orlando last week and every morning without fail you would see people getting turned away from the gates (after paying $25 for parking) because they hadn't made the park reservation. I think that after 2pm you can go in whatever park you want but obviously that...
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    [Albion] Saints game

    I am thrilled beyond belief for once at a move on fixtures! Although I think there are no trains running on 24th so that will be rubbish
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    [Albion] Saints game

    Sunday would work! although hugely unlikely :lolol:
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    [Albion] Saints game

    Balls, just seen it is the Merseyside Derby that day - no doubt that will get the early game treatment