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  1. Tesco in Disguise

    [Albion] Leicester City vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    I'm normally a big fan of Glenn Murray as a pundit, but his match commentary is unlistenable. All he does is describe what we're looking at.
  2. Tesco in Disguise

    [NSC] A giant flag for the North (and other stands)

    Can we see the designs here, please? (I don't just mean the wording)
  3. Tesco in Disguise

    [Albion] Fulham vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Hi I'm struggling to find it on IPTV. Do you have any advice please?
  4. Tesco in Disguise

    [Albion] Albion's badge ranked 56th out of the 92

    I like our badge. And I think it's a marked improvement on our previous one. I don't like Forest's use of upper and lower case letters. Wolves too 80's for me. I do like simple, though, and I think Derby do it well. MK Dons and Fulham have to be the worst.
  5. Tesco in Disguise

    [Football] Saudi consortium to take over Newcastle

    Wow, is that really why they wear that colour? I was thinking today whether players who had joined the club before the Saudi takeover would be able to criticise the regime. Sure, their contacts probably say something about bringing the owners into disrepute, but that may apply only to the...
  6. Tesco in Disguise

    [Albion] 10 Years of Solly

    I'm generally a Solly fan, but I'm afraid today provided all the evidence - if it were needed - of why Solly isn't good enough at finishing to play in that position at this level. His volley and his header were terrible, and he passed the ball backward when he got unsure, which was too...
  7. Tesco in Disguise

    [Albion] Albion Invasions

    The recent debate, as well as Jonathan Wilson's article yesterday, got me thinking about the best Albion pitch invasions I have participated in. In no particular order, the following come to mind: Shrewsbury Town 2001. Lost 3-0 but got promoted for the first time in ages. Great atmosphere on...
  8. Tesco in Disguise

    [Albion] Neal Maupay...SIGNED FOR EVERTON.

    I'm surprised this has not got it's own thread, given the direct correlation between his being dropped and our change in form. Don't get me wrong, I really like Maupay, and I think he is a serviceable striker, but it's impossible to ignore that we have just got six points away to 2 top 4 teams...
  9. Tesco in Disguise

    [Brighton] This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

    By most metrics I'm a bleeding heart liberal but these unnecessary and socially-destructive crimes get me going. Littering, fly-tipping, ASB. The lot would carry the death penalty were I in charge. I live overseas now but one of the things that keeps me away is that other developed European...
  10. Tesco in Disguise

    [Politics] Russia invades Ukraine (24/02/2022)

    No, for two reasons. 1, we don't negotiate with terrorists. And 2, we don't believe the premise. Russia don't want a security guarantee. They know that NATO presents no security threat (something made clear through OSCE processes). Putin has this perverse plan to reunite Ukraine with Russia...
  11. Tesco in Disguise

    [Politics] Russia invades Ukraine (24/02/2022)

    You think the Belarusians are supportive of their leader? Or subservient? Minsk saw enormous protests to the most recent elections there. The result? Enormous and violent crackdowns. I think you underestimate how easy it is to subjugate a people if you don't give a toss about human rights. Don't...
  12. Tesco in Disguise

    [Politics] Russia invades Ukraine (24/02/2022)

    Um, they've annexed Ukraine since 2014 (and see Georgia too). This is just an extension of this. I suspect what will happen is that they will choke Kyiv and when the government there is either killed or surrenders they will install a puppet government friendly to Moscow. Same thing going on in...
  13. Tesco in Disguise

    [Albion] It’s time to smash Roy Hodgson!

    That is brilliant, thanks for sharing. I knew something was up when they said his wife was a shooting stars fan.
  14. Tesco in Disguise

    [Albion] Dan Burn to Saudi FC

    But the alternative is not nothing. Chris Wood is a premier league footballer. He will earn life changing amounts wherever he plays. But he CHOSE to work for the Saudis. Maybe he, like you clearly, can abandon any morals if the price is right.
  15. Tesco in Disguise

    [Albion] Dan Burn to Saudi FC

    Totally agree. But just because there was a total abdication of responsibility by the FA does not mean the likes of Howe are entirely blameless. If there was some collective action by players and coaches they could turn this effort by the Saudis into a failure. But of course it shouldn't have...
  16. Tesco in Disguise

    [Albion] Dan Burn to Saudi FC

    Saudis permeate our lives more than we know? I think it's pretty clear, the link between the Saudi royal family and Newcastle FC. Fine, you might be unwittingly buying a Saudi product when you buy a sports subscription. And obviously when you fill you car up you're supporting oil states. But...
  17. Tesco in Disguise

    [Football] David Stockdale or David Brent?

    Strings to Stockdale's bow: 1, philanthropist...
  18. Tesco in Disguise

    [Help] Those Darned Yanks? Endangered English, part 94

    Interesting. I'm certainly guilty of the first infraction and use 'likely' in that way routinely. I'll think first next time. I also use the second though I'm not sure it's so much of an offence. I think 'impact' is broadly considered to also be a verb. One that really gets my goat is...