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  1. wolfie

    [Football] Chelsea fire their head groundsman & assistant

    They were seen leaving the ground looking for lawn.
  2. wolfie

    [Football] Potter at Chelsea

    Ditto how I felt as a 15 year old on 26 April 1965, when we beat Darlington 3-1 in front of 31,000 at the Goldstone to win Div 4.
  3. wolfie

    [Help] Book - final update.

    I've ordered this. Well done Tony. Hope its good - but never mind if it isn't - I'll let you know (p.s. I'm a slow reader)
  4. wolfie

    [Albion] Lallana SINGS extension to Summer 2024

    What, by leaving and Lallana taking over ?
  5. wolfie

    [Football] Gary Lineker to step back from presenting MOTD

    Bet we're still on last.
  6. wolfie

    [Albion] Seagulls V Mariners - Memories

    Whenever I think about Albion v Grimsby (other than that relegation match in the 2000s) the name Matt Tees springs to mind. In the 1960s, he always seemed to score against us at the Goldstone - and we usually lost.
  7. wolfie

    [Albion] FA Cup Fifth Round 28/2 - 1/3/23

    We'll need lots of inflatable seagulls to eat the haddocks.
  8. wolfie

    [Albion] Chelsea have a genuine interest in Brighton manager Roberto de Zerbi

    Chelsea are interested in replacing under-fire manager Graham Potter with Italian Roberto de Zerbi, the 43-year-old who took over from Potter at Brighton after the Englishman, 47, joined Chelsea last September. (Football Insider)
  9. wolfie

    [Albion] Stoke City vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    I got home an hour ago after negotiating the M6 closure. i tend to agree with all of this (except the Poyet bit)
  10. wolfie

    [Albion] Bissouma / Mitoma chant

    Didn't we start the Zamora song ?
  11. wolfie

    [Humour] Uxbridge English Dictionary

    Kintyre. Puncture
  12. wolfie

    [Humour] Uxbridge English Dictionary

    Palindrome. Airport used by travel show presenters.
  13. wolfie

    [Albion] 30 bloody 7 years ago

    I was at both games mentioned (Peterborough & Halifax in 1963) The latter was the coldest, although it was a sunny day. The former was the biggest crush I can remember at an Albion game. Started behind the goal at the Moy's end and ended up in the top corner of the stand.
  14. wolfie

    [Help] Chupa Chups

    Could do a job. Is he a striker ?
  15. wolfie

    [Albion] Shearer's team of the week

    Crooks clearly doesn't watch the games. Score a goal and you are more than likely to get in his team.
  16. wolfie

    [Travel] Bike theft Liverpool game 14/01/23

    I keep a very old, naff-looking bike for trips to football etc, where I'm going to leave it for a long time. My best one stays at home in the garage and is for serious rides.
  17. wolfie

    [Albion] In hindsight - do we not owe Chelsea and Todd Boehly a debt of gratitude?

    Had things not happened the way they did in September, I'm not sure we would be rejoicing like we are now. I bloody love this club! Would be too much like thanking Archer and Bellotti for where we are now !
  18. wolfie

    [Albion] What games would you watch sat in your pants, dribbling soup down your front?

    I watch most of my games in this condition.