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    [Sussex] Brighton Main Line 2 to be built?

    About as likely to happen as HS2
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    [Albion] Strange things people do at the Amex

    Perhaps he meant to say that he IS a massive dick
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    [Albion] Fannying about at the back

    Not if you are an American
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    [Albion] RDZ Touchline Ban

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    [Football] D1rty N0rtherner/S0uthern S0ftie

    Song "The Manchester Rambler - I'm a rambler from Manchester way, I take all my pleasures the hard northern way" So even pleasure is hard. Ergo, north hard, south soft
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    [Albion] Can we talk about Sanchez ?

    He did not cost us two points. Incompetent match officials did that. Even without his big error, we would still have won
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    [News] Weak prison sentencing

    Thank you
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    [News] Weak prison sentencing

    Could someone pl;ease explain to me why they are called guidelines? Either they can be used to guide the judges or are just a euphemism for rules
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    [News] Tragedy in Solihull

    A dreadful tragedy like this, which has left families in torment, and the pious on her show no awareness of the hurt caused to the families and friends of those who died in an accident, and instead look for soneone to blame for it happening. For heavens sake show some compassion
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    [News] Braking news - Donatello in trouble

    Yes, true, but none of them are Europeans.There are strict rules about employing people from overseas, which have been well publicised for years. Finding it hard to employ people is no excuse.
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    [News] Braking news - Donatello in trouble

    Nothing to do with Brexit. Of the six found working illegally, one was from Russia, four from Uzbekistan and one from Ivory Coast. None of these countries are in the EU, so they would stoll have been working illegally, Brexit or no Brexit
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    [Albion] Andy Naylor should be renamed…

    He is very well balanced - he has a big chip on each shoulder
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    [News] It's meter reading day - do it today

    There is no need to submit a meter reading if you are on a fixed term contract, according to my supplier
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    [Politics] Is it time for the UK to become a republic?

    If the alternative to a Monarchy is a Republic with the likes of Truss, Johnson Corbyn,etc as President, then this is no time for a Republic
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    [NSC] We care about your privacy

    I get it every time
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    [Brighton] South Korean Black Eagles display team Brighton

    Sadly missed their flyover of Shoreham this morning. Heard but did not see. I have a niece who lives near Boscombe Down, where they are based all summer, and sees them every day and says they put on a little display before landing. Since they are appearing at RIAT, perhaps Swindon Seagull can...
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    [Technology] iPhone, replacement screen

    or even neighbour