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  1. PFW

    [Albion] 83 19 23

    Yep done 4/4 so far, have to wait until Tuesday to get my ticket for 2023!!
  2. PFW

    [Football] REMF XXI - details

    On a recent trip to New York, paid my respect to Robert. A very sombre occasion. RIP Robert
  3. PFW

    [Other Sport] Anyone been to a basketball game in USA

    Thanks everyone, sounds like it should be a good evening. Can't say I am a great basketball fan but looking forward to the whole experience, going with the family. My eldest son played for Portsmouth University and is really excited about it. One question are you allowed to take drinks (will...
  4. PFW

    [Other Sport] Anyone been to a basketball game in USA

    Off to New York next week for a weeks visit, and got tickets for the New York Knicks vs Brooklyn Nets at Maddison Square Gardens. Has anyone been to a Basketball game in America??? What should I expect, any do's or don'ts . any advice would be great
  5. PFW

    [Albion] Currently the 15th best team in the world

    Liverpool 7th :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  6. PFW

    [Travel] Christmas Markets

    Going to Vienna on the 15/12/22 for four nights to visit the Christmas markets, can't wait, heard a lot of good things about Vienna. Been to the markets in Cologne a couple of times which I can highly recommend
  7. PFW

    [Albion] Has Robert Sanchez saved a penalty???

    I am not having a go, and still think he is a bloody good keeper, but just asking has he ever saved a penalty. The last 2 (Brentford and City) although both well taken, he never looked like he was ever going to save them.
  8. PFW

    [Albion] ** BHA v Nottingham Forest ** - Premier League Score Predictor - Now in it's 12th SEASON !!

    2 - 0 and a up lifting performance to quieten all the moaning on here!!!!!
  9. PFW

    [Help] Country House Hotel recommendation?

    https://www.morstonhall.com/ Would highly recommend this place, celebrated our silver weeding anniversary there. just a short stroll to the North Norfolk coast and countryside.
  10. PFW

    [Albion] Enock Mwepu (Retired 10/10/2022)

    Just had a notification on my phone, couldn't believe what i was reading. Such a shame had great potential and could have gone far in the game.
  11. PFW

    [Albion] Cost of living football consumption intentions

    Gave up my ST a few years back due to family commitments, get to a few games each year, but mainly watch on TV when I can.
  12. PFW

    [Travel] Anyone been to Maldives?

    https://www.clubmed.co.uk/r/kani/y Went here before Club Med got their hands on it. Must say it was the best holiday I've had, and I have been to many 'exotic' locations. as had been said previously it is expensive. Had most of the Island to ourselves as most of the other people went diving off...
  13. PFW

    [Misc] Things you hate doing?

    Don't like emptying the dishwasher, don't mind filling it, but can't stand unloading and putting away the clean plates etc.
  14. PFW

    [Misc] 100's of geese

    Most will be infected with Avian Flu - bringing our poultry industry to its knees. I would get your Christmas Turkeys in early this year cos there is going to be a shortage this year. Here in Norfolk they are slaughtering hundreds of thousands of infected farmed birds.
  15. PFW

    [Misc] Have you put the heating on yet? (2022/23 edition)

    Not yet - but me and Mrs PFW are sharing body heat to keep us warm!!!!