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    [TV] fire stick

    Thank you.
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    [TV] fire stick

    I have no idea how to send a pm but would be grateful if you could assist me as well please.
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    [TV] What's good to watch on BBC iPlayer ?

    Although not yet on iplayer, I did notice that on the 7th of January on BBC4 that the excellent Early Doors is having a well deserved re-run. I believe that all episodes will then be available on iplayer.
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    [Football] TV pundits for world cup

    Saturday's punditry was abysmal, it started with the usual BBC musical football montage then we had Lineker, Shearer, Murphy, and Ferdinand spending the whole time waxing lyrical about Messi. It felt lazy, as if they had just rocked up on the set with no preparation whatsoever. There is nothing...
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    [TV] Best 30 mins on tv ever.

    Any episode of Early Doors, but if I had to pick one it would be Melanie's 21st birthday party.
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    [Sussex] What's hot and what's not in Worthing?

    AMI Bistro is superb. The Brewhouse pub/hotel is ok has a nice outside seating area and does a nice pint, a little bit expensive though. Food is a bit hit and miss.
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    [Sussex] What's hot and what's not in Worthing?

    Keep your expectations realistic.
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    [Drinking] Your favourite pub or bar.

    Think the one with the cellar bar may be the old Beechwood hall hotel,currently a recently renovated Brewhouse place.
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    [Drinking] Your favourite pub or bar.

    The Thieves in Worthing and Ye olde trip to Jerusalem in Nottingham were my two favourite pubs ever.
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    [Drinking] Your favourite pub or bar.

    I believe the Globe has been converted into flats,not sure how long ago but would guess nearly ten years.
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    BBC iPlayer Recommendations?

    I know what you mean,very enjoyable but there wasn't a character that I either liked or cared about. Thought some of the acting was a bit wooden but watched all 5 so it did its job.
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    [Football] 24 Hours from now

    I hope you are right,one win away for a country just ready to explode with joy.
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    [Other Sport] Derby Day

    Emma Spencer hasn't been on tv racing since Channel 4 lost the coverage to ITV a couple of years ago. The up and coming Leonna Mayor seems to be the glamour on the programme now.Her voice grates a bit but she does know her stuff and is quite easy on the eye, she is very active on Twitter and...
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    [Misc] Phrases you hate people saying

    Not really phrases but here are a couple of food based words that get on my nerves. Mac'n'cheese 'Slaw' instead of coleslaw.
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    [Misc] Phrases you hate people saying

    'From the get go' - What is wrong with the word start? 'Just saying like' - Just trying to be a smartarse. Ending a sentence with the word 'lad'. 'Wrong on so many levels'- Apart from bad parking in a multi storey car park I have no idea what this actually means.
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    [Misc] Would you buy a flat with no sink fund?

    I have a similar situation,I am able to have a personal fund but have no idea about the other owners. What would you consider to be a reasonable amount for the sink fund and why would it make the flat harder to sell?
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    [Football] So who is going down with WBA and Sheff Utd

    I fully expect BHA to beat Palace tomorrow,hopefully I am wrong but we really are a poor side. The key game for me is our home game with Fulham,win that and I think we may be able to stumble over the line,lose it and looking at our fixtures I think we are in big trouble. May the best team win,if...
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    [Football] Palace lose 7 (SEVEN) - 0

    Was the only time I cheered through the whole match.
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    [Football] Grealish

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    [Misc] Ben's Grandad Has Passed Away

    Sad news. RIP BG.