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  1. grubbyhands

    [Food] Football ground food

    Two things really for me. 1. More guest pies. They are often all gone by 2 o'clock in WSU. 2. Temperature of the pies seems to vary from hot enough to weld with to barely tepid. Sort it out please, it's not as if they are cheap is it?
  2. grubbyhands

    [Help] Book - final update.

    My copy has just arrived. Very much look forward to starting it later tonight. Thanks and the very best of luck with the new trial. Paul.
  3. grubbyhands

    [Football] Non-League Day this Saturday - Where are you going?

    God knows how I did the above! I've got a chance to go and watch London Irish play Northampton at Brentfords G-tech stadium on Saturday. A mates son from Australia has signed for Northampton for 2 years as one of their overseas players. They seem to have a problem inflating the ball to the...
  4. grubbyhands

    [Help] Book - final update.

    One hardback copy coming my way. I'd like to echo everyones sentiments and good wishes, that sounds wrong but it's heartfelt. God bless you for writing such a tome. Paul.
  5. grubbyhands

    [Albion] Tony Bloom is a genius.

    That is bloody fantastic ( again ) Thanks for posting and making my morning.
  6. grubbyhands

    [Albion] Tony Bloom is a genius.

    Ha,ha. The word begrudgingly springs to mind.
  7. grubbyhands

    The St Patrick's Day Massacre

    I particularly enjoyed Sussex and the Met. Police marching the Palace fans back to the station. It seemed as if they were deliberately moving them as slowly as possible in the p*ssing rain. Didn't seem to bother the cops in their waterproof hi-viz gear. Great scenes. First wash half of them...
  8. grubbyhands

    [Albion] Pre-Palace nerves

    I want Zaha to play, only to see his boggle-eyed face contorted with disappointment and tears whilst being endlessly goaded by a full house and whoever De Zerbi sends down the touchline, -ostensibly to warm up-remember the Greyhounds oscar -winning baiting of the SEGW? I begrudgingly admire him...
  9. grubbyhands

    [Misc] Clarkson what do you think of him?

    Anyone who hangs one on Piers Morgan is alright by me!
  10. grubbyhands

    [Help] Dog Farts

    Given that, apparently, a dogs sense of smell is 1000% more developed than ours, how bad does it smell to them I wonder. You could strip paint with some of 'em.
  11. grubbyhands

    [Misc] Number plate N18 BHA for sale

    I've got P70 BHA. Bought it a few years ago from someone on here. I've got it on a retention certificate currently. Don't know if I'll ever use it. Could possibly be prised away from me,can't remember what I paid for it though. Hopefully the Albion fan I bought it from might still be a poster?
  12. grubbyhands

    [Travel] Car brakes - a recommended garage, please

    Me obviously 'cept I'm in Godalming.
  13. grubbyhands

    [Help] Tyre advice

    Might the spare be in better condition and have more tread? You could then possibly put the 4mm tyre to the spare. Always assuming it's not one of the skinny " space-saver" variety.
  14. grubbyhands

    [Help] Tyre advice

    mmmmm. I would avoid part-worn tyres. They may have plenty of tread but you can never tell internal damage, mis-inflation etc.
  15. grubbyhands

    [Football] Booing Yves Bissouma

    And you are so incenced you waited nearly 48 hours to post this drivel?