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    [Albion] Getafe - many sold?

    Annoyingly looks like they've switched it to Audio only...
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    [Albion] Getafe - many sold?

    https://www.brightonandhovealbion.com/my-albion-tv/videos/1303440/live-video-albion-v-getafe Link :)
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    [Finance] The cryptocurrency (Bitcoin etc) thread

    I jumped on the exact same bandwagon, obviously worth nout at this point, but we'll see where that ends up (likelihood is falling flat on its face, I'm sure).
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    England U20 vs Qatar U20 - BT Sport 18:30 K.O - Solly and JFC could feature

    Yeah, he's playing really well. Ward-Prowse as the holding mid and him just in front is suiting him. Solly as an inside winger isn't really working at the moment. More suited to that out and out winger role. Must have been putting some training shifts in if he's on instead of Redmond. Really...
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    Nzuzi Toko SIGNS

    :fishing: or "Tony Bloom commented, "We concluded a deal to sign Toko before their season and ours had ended.""
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    Potential shirt design for next season.

    I thought the exact same (about the atletico kit) watching the game the other week, top work. :thumbsup:
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    CMS and Hoskins

    Seems to be ever-present for U21's. Must be him
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    CMS and Hoskins

    Beaten to it by Thunder Bolt.
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    A thread full of OLD computer games that you LOVED.

    Gauntlet. Found myself playing this non-stop for a long while as a kid.
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    Simpsons Tapped Out....

    Exactly the same. Very repetitive but I carry on playing it. Don't know why
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    Football Manager 2014

    This is my plan of action as well. About 90% of my players ill get on free(ish) transfers bang on Jan 1st and see them come to the club in the summer.
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    Were starting to press much higher up the pitch

    Agree with this. Watford are exceptionally quick on the break, probably the best in the Championship by a margin. Expecting very good football once we get our key players back from injury. Can't wait.
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    GTA V ONLINE - NSC CREW - Post R* Names here to join

    Just joined up, My nickname is cjwoolven, no surprise there.
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    Who will be the first to create an outlook import for the fixtures??

    Another thanks from me, great to have.
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    NSC poll rigging - vote 'Rick Astley - Never gonna give you up'

    Another for Rick. Just imagine if this happened.
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    Michael Johnson!

    EDIT: Beaten to it. Thrown it all away.
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    Things you hate about driving in the UK

    This was the first one that sprung to mind for me. Travel to Somerset a lot and it's always happening as you enter Salisbury, horrific traffic there sometimes. Normally results into a few hand gestures and a couple of cars plopping themselves in the middle of both lanes so no queue jumpers can...
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    Gus on tv with Kammy

    Anyone know if this is available to watch again?