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    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    Jess Philips held his feet to the fire over trafficked women and the Modern Slavery Act. He basically said nothing in reply.
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    [Politics] Brighton & Hove City Council Elections- 2023 Edition

    I see the historic borough boundary has been breached with the new Westdene and Hove Park Ward: https://s3-eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/lgbce/Reviews/South%20East/East%20Sussex/Brighton%20%26%20Hove/Brighton_%26_Hove_SO_IT.pdf
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    [Finance] SVB - New banking crisis looming?

    No expertise whatever myself on banking, but weren't Barclays bailed out by a private deal with banks in Dubai, or their sovereign wealth fund, hence not needing any support from the UK Government? I seem to remember that Barclays were alleged to have had the most risky "casino banking"...
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    [Politics] Brighton & Hove City Council Elections- 2023 Edition

    It was, though things have changed a bit recently. Forest Row is pretty bohemian, based around the Rudolf Steiner school at Michael Hall, and Emerson College, also run by them. It's a hotbed of locally produced organic food among other things, including a couple of bio-dynamic farms, and it has...
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    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    It's true it was only a council by-election, albeit one with a much greater turnout than usual (42%), but the Lib Dems held the ward of Corstophine/Murrayfield (yes, where the rugby stadium is) in Edinburgh with a considerably increased majority on Thursday. The electorate in the ward is huge...
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    [Politics] Brighton & Hove City Council Elections- 2023 Edition

    Do you think the Tories will go that low? They will surely still most likely win Patcham and Woodingdean in Brighton, and Hove Park in Hove, won't they? I suppose Rottingdean and Wish are fairly likely to go Labour, given the recent by-election results. I wonder, is John Boy standing again? He...
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    [Politics] Brexit

    Fortunately Labour are planning to vote it through this time, unlike the disorganised mess under Corbyn when May was trying to get her deal through. It's quite a clever move on Labour's part. Blair only got Academy Schools through with Cameron's help, and this was thought to have undermined him...
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    [Politics] Brexit

    He's on his way back, isn't he? https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2023/feb/20/rishi-sunak-northern-ireland-protocol-brexit-eu-dup-uk-politics-latest Tories get an absolute shellacking in the May local elections, which I think they will, and the letters will go in to the 1922 Committee...
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    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    All Starmer needs to do each week is to remind Sunak of 30 p Lee's advice to nurses, food bank users, etc and then compare it with his expenses claims. It might get a bit boring, but it should hit home eventually.
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    [Albion] Ali Mac "firsts"

    He played a few games when we were short of a left back (where have we heard that?) He was sent off in the notorious Peter Walton match at Southampton, possibly for protesting against his decision to award a penalty for a foul two yards outside the penalty area. I can't remember whether he...
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    [Politics] US mid-terms

    John Kasich, the current (or former) Governor of Ohio, was making quite good progress in the primaries in 2016, until he was sunk by the Trump avalanche. He seemed to be a genuine moderate. However, I researched him further and found that he had vetoed a proposed rapid transit scheme for the...
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    [Albion] Train strikes Arsenal away

    I know this sounds obvious, but as someone who lived part-time in South West London until fairly recently, can I suggest if you are driving to any of the Tube stations there you leave plenty of time to get there. A single incident on the A3, which is the best road to get to that area from the...
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    [Politics] Next Conservative Leader - Rishi Sunak

    One of those who resigned in order to make him do so. I wonder what now makes her think he is the man for the job. It seems to me now fairly inevitable that he will make the members' ballot paper - he supposedly has over 50 backers already, while Mordaunt is struggling to get anywhere near that...
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    [Politics] Liz Truss **RESIGNS 20/10/2022**

    Let's put it this way, as someone who manages property, that if you're left with a building full of exposed asbestos, you've got to remove the asbestos before you can start refurbishing the building. That's the polite version - I could have used stables as my parallel, but that would be rather...
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    [Politics] Liz Truss **RESIGNS 20/10/2022**

    Crispin Odey (in the Daily Telegraph, so behind a paywall) is blaming Remainers for this slump. I'm glad to know that I have such influence over the currency markets. I might as well go and carry out my own shorting operation on the Pound, buying up Dollars and then selling them once the Pound...
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    Is Keir really credible?

    I don't know whether or not you're defending the Tories, but most Tories backed the Iraq war. The only two I remember actively opposing it were Malcolm Rifkind and Kenneth Clarke.
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    [Albion] Potential signings with a Roberto link

    Obiang and Locatelli were the heart of the Sassuolo midfield, though I think Locatelli is now on loan elsewhere, isn't he? Was Obiang any good at West Ham? I must admit I remember him playing there, but not how well he did. I think he was in the side we built 3-0 away in our first Premier League...
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    [Football] Ideas for Todd Boehly to monetise football a bit more?

    Apologies if fixtures, as I haven't read the thread, but will this do? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyV_UG60dD4
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    [Football] Union v Genk

    Connolly had a goal ruled out for offside: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gu85Ljmo14
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    [Albion] Which of our players will now be on CFC’s shopping list…

    Trossard, who was rumoured to be going in the summer (not to Chelsea necessarily), MacAllister and Caicedo, i.e. the heart would be ripped out of our team if they did.