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    [Politics] Liz Truss **RESIGNS 20/10/2022**

    Correct decision to stop this. But my word how stupid do you need to be to think it a good idea in the first place. Beggers belief
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    [Politics] Liz Truss **RESIGNS 20/10/2022**

    I find politics in this country utterly depressing at the moment. The current government have totally messed things up leaving the majority worried about being able to just survive this winter. I would be mad to vote them in again at the next election (and I am not). But in truth the opposition...
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    [Albion] Next Brighton manager

    Looking at the odds I truly hope Russell Martin is not a candidate. That would be absolutely depressing
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    [Football] Graham Potter - ruthless

    One thing is certain. If he has any runs of poor form with Chelsea like he did with us, he might have a lot more to worry about than a few boos.
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    [Albion] Potter: Thank you or **** you

    Agreed. The whole coaching team 6 games into the season. Surprised by Bruno and Roberts, certainly won't br clapping them on their return.
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    [Football] Will Potter succeed at Chelsea?

    Bit of success then sacked, it is the Chelsea way. Potters methods take time and I am not sure he will be given that
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    [Albion] Lawrenson and Ward

    I think everyone is correct that Ward is probably not making our best ever 11 based on his record which was mainly in the lower leagues. But my god, that division 3 promotion with Ward and Mullery. The games under the lights at a packed goldstone, undoubtedly some of my best football memories...
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    [Other Sport] Chop Souey

    With all the stuff going on in the world with energy prices, war etc, I find it hard to get worried about this. I guess I am in the minority.
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    [Albion] Neal Maupay...SIGNED FOR EVERTON.

    I understand what you are thinking. But Trossard is currently playing on the left. If he is needed in forward areas then that area needs cover probably from somewhere else in the team. Moving on Maupay leaves us light in numbers I think so whether a forward or not someone needs to come in.
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    [Albion] Neal Maupay...SIGNED FOR EVERTON.

    Disappointed as I liked Maupay. If it happens think we are light up front. 100m odd of outs so far, would like to see a couple of ins before the window closes.
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    [Albion] Manchester United vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    So is it a back four with veltnan and march as full backs or a three with trossard and March as wing backs?
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    [Albion] Marc Cucurella *Signed For Chelsea 05/08/2022*

    A I said on another thread the money is insane and way too good to turn down. It, as it stands, means we are weaker as a team and certainly as a defence but the club have time to correct that issue and will need to before the window shuts. Without that replacement I do agree that we could...
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    [Albion] Stronger or Weaker

    Our two best players gone so weaker as it stands. Time, fortunately, to correct that. I will be disappointed if the window slams shut and we are the same as today squad wise but think that unlikely. Enough to stay up anyway I think which is always the starting point.
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    [Albion] Marc Cucurella *Signed For Chelsea 05/08/2022*

    Insane money and clearly too good to turn down. Probably just me but has left me feeling a bit flat for the new season. One of the best left sided defenders in the league gone and replaced at the moment by a player who won't be here this time next year. Oh well nothing that a win on Sunday...
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    [Albion] Marc Cucurella *Signed For Chelsea 05/08/2022*

    Firstly can I just say that I hate the phrase bedwetting. It is an unnecessary insult to people who have concerns. They may not align with yours but they don't deserve the mockery of that label. I think you know I was using the name of a linked player as an example. It is all over the media...
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    [Albion] Marc Cucurella *Signed For Chelsea 05/08/2022*

    We are potentially losing our two best players who made a massive contribution to the success of the team last year and are currently replacing from within the squad. Call it bedwetting if you wish but I will be much more comfortable with the seasons prospects when these are replaced. I hope the...
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    [Football] Where will you be watching the England Euro Final?

    Not planning to watch. Not seen the England mens team or champions leagues games for a long while so probably won't change and watch the ladies.
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    [Albion] Already Decided This Coming Season Will Be My Last as STH

    I totally understand Covid worries as a legitimate reason to consider not attending games. Had them myself last season but was fine. Spent the last couple of weeks with the virus however after my daughter brought it home as a gift from an Ed Sheeran concert. Another reason to dislike him now...
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    [Albion] Marc Cucurella *Signed For Chelsea 05/08/2022*

    Not a great look. Think he could be gone. Recruitment needs to be good this summer as we are currently weaker with the departures. Cucu was transformative in our forward play and will leave a massive gap.
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    [Football] The Champions League Final… Liverpool v Real Madrid Match Thread

    Maybe it is me but not sure I buy into the Liverpool have had a magnificent season narrative being used in the media. Yes two cups but both on penalties and missed out on the two big ones. They would have expected more I think. Perhaps just me. Know too many plastic Liverpool fans who couldn't...