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  1. hitony

    [Football] England v USA

    Hi Mate hope you and yours are well (y) I am easing myselfback into the best Football booard on the internet! (y)
  2. hitony

    [Football] England v USA

    I am English but having lived in Sunny Wales for the past 37 years most people (and most dont speak welsh!) do pronounce it "Yaki Da"
  3. hitony

    [NSC] An evening with someone from NSC…..

    Always knew you were Posh! :lolol: Take care and hope you and yours are well :thumbsup:
  4. hitony

    [NSC] An evening with someone from NSC…..

    Only £20 ??:lolol: Hope you and yours are well mate :thumbsup:
  5. hitony

    [NSC] An evening with someone from NSC…..

    Thanks AmexRuislip :thumbsup: I have met many NSCers over the years, even ones I banned! :lolol: and I have to say, They are all great guys :thumbsup:I have always found NSC such an amazing place, so many great people! Yes there are fallouts, but that will always be the case, its about...
  6. hitony

    [Football] Giving up my season ticket.

    Interesting thread :thumbsup: Not read all of it yet but there is a definite trend of "Kick Off Times" "EPL Status" "Lack of recent goals" Etc etc. I had 2 season tickets which i gave up after the second season at The Amex, Main reasons were My Location (South Wales) the cost of each game for...
  7. hitony

    [Football] Why is it insulting to be called ladies

    Hi, I am your English Mod (who lives in South Wales) now how may I help you?
  8. hitony

    [Misc] Are you ready for Christmas?

    We are ready for the big day, Just the 2 of us on the day, But we are going up north on Boxing day to my son's house with 2 of our grandkids (16 & 17) and our daughter and her family (another 7 year old grand kid, Boy, my son has a 7 year old daughter) so Boxing day will be a big family day...
  9. hitony

    [Football] He Shags Who He Wants

    I really thought this was a thread about AmexRuislip ........clearly I am wrong........
  10. hitony

    [Albion] How Many THOUSAND Phone Chargers Will The Club Provide Before Watford?

    ALL smokers should be banned from everywhere! In fact I wish they would ban smoking in the whole country!!.........just my opinion......
  11. hitony

    [Misc] RIP Sean Lock

    I was honestly shocked when I heard earlier! In my opinion he was very talented, but so young! 58 is no age! RIP Sean - I am aware more than many how vile cancer is!
  12. hitony

    [NSC] Old Polls/Threads Being Bounced ?

    There could be a genuine reason for that! Though I am still about, lurking in the background! :)
  13. hitony

    [NSC] Old Polls/Threads Being Bounced ?

    It is abit but it will be done :thumbsup:
  14. hitony

    [NSC] Old Polls/Threads Being Bounced ?

    We are trying to sort this at the moment
  15. hitony

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Crystal Palace *** Official Match Thread ***

    I agree! but will we get away with having 13 players on the pitch? surely the Ref will notice?
  16. hitony

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Crystal Palace *** Official Match Thread ***

    But earlier on you said "It’s going to happen & we will score more than once I tell you. 2-0 comfy win" I am confused??
  17. hitony

    [Sussex] Mingling with the Rich and Famous

    If you ever Bump into me, do me a massive favour............Don't talk to me!!! :lolol::lolol:
  18. hitony

    lets count to 500,000!

  19. hitony

    [Humour] Pictures of Matt Hancock Playing Football.

    Most of the country were trying to do that to Neil.......sadly his missus pulled him back out! :lol::lol::lol::lol:
  20. hitony

    [NSC] Your Nickname at school.

    Ahh right, thanks for getting back to me, it's just I spent a term at Whitehawk (1969ish) and there was a kid there called John James, he was in my class, he had really prominent Ginger hair and ended up with the very obvious nickname of "Rusty" James, I saw your surname in your avatar and was...