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  1. ditchy

    [Albion] Palace at home - 15/03/23

    Palace fans being kept in ground for 25 Mins
  2. ditchy

    [Albion] Albion to launch matchday travel scheme review

    Not parked at Bridge for a few years now . Always thought it would be better having a one way system coming in via bridge and out at the bottom left corner . Would mean a small modification in that corner , but at least traffic all flowing one way with no log jam
  3. ditchy

    [News] I wouldnt mind being his Barber !!

    https://metro.co.uk/2023/02/16/match-of-the-day-star-micah-richards-spends-24000-on-haircuts-18293224/ Just goes to show some people have more money then sense
  4. ditchy

    [Albion] Yasin Ayari

    Wesley Snipes to play Welbeck ?
  5. ditchy

    [Misc] Did anyone else forget?

    I bought the pancake mix this morning !
  6. ditchy

    [Albion] Song for Karou Mitoma (I need your help)

    I dont think you need the first part , Just the Chorus line would work really well
  7. ditchy

    [Albion] Carabao Cup Fourth Round: Charlton - 3rd allocation of tickets

    Got very lucky here went to main ticket office with virtually no queue ,more through ignorant luck than judgement. Even there they had not much of a clue .
  8. ditchy

    [Albion] Carabao Cup Fourth Round: Charlton - 3rd allocation of tickets

    What about Mac for the argies !
  9. ditchy

    [Football] Liam Rosenior

    Just been relieved of his duties at Derby .. Get him in on the coaching Staff
  10. ditchy

    [Albion] Next Brighton manager

    Joey Barton :cool:
  11. ditchy

    [Football] Juan Mata

    Would be a great signing and add to team generally .him and lallanna rotating ?
  12. ditchy

    [Football] The EPL managerial sack race.

    I think this season may be a tad different . We have effectively a six week break from November ,so i think a lot of chairman will wait until then and have that period to get new guy in and work with the non internationals etc .
  13. ditchy

    [Football] Qatar World Cup - Stadium porn

    No wonder there is a shortage of shipping containers around the world .. saying that those designs look awesome
  14. ditchy

    [Travel] Santander bike hire up in that there London town

    There are also other companies plenty of bikes scooters around . Try Lime , Tier , or dott . all app based .
  15. ditchy

    [Offers] Jessie Lingard

    Can we have Juan Mata instead .. would do the Llalana role and be at bit less injury prone I think . Great experience to add to the dressing room
  16. ditchy

    [Albion] P$$s Poor Again at home! No PASSION!

    We Need to shoot .. End of ! If we continue to try and walk the ball in at every opportunity instead of chancing a shot that gets deflected etc , then will always struggle to score and win . Yesterday we had 3 or 4 opportunities for this . Villa get one in the first half that they take . Its...
  17. ditchy

    [Albion] Man u away

    what streaming channels will it be on does anyone know that on here ?
  18. ditchy

    [Albion] Dan Ashworth joins Newcastle

    Overmars a nasty piece of work . Was once at a dinner with a certain top referee of the time on the table and he was taking questions. A fan asked who was the most difficult person he had reffed? was it Keane, vinny Jones ? , no he said Overmars as he was always wingeing and comments back were...
  19. ditchy

    [Albion] Dan Ashworth joins Newcastle

    There may also be a clause in his contract that Newcastle are not allowed to poach anyone that we had or have an ongoing interest in that Ashworth was part of instigating . We also do not know how long the" gardening leave" is and what intellectual property we own rather than Ashworth .
  20. ditchy

    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    oh dear. what's Sir Kier been up to ?Is he so whiter than white ?. All of these so called top politicians really do think they are above the law