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    [Albion] New Brighton mural in Hove (In Progress)

    Yes I have seen the draft also of the new one where Bruno was👌
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    [Albion] Stoke Tickets

    On the club website says sold out? How many did we get?
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    [NSC] A giant flag for the North (and other stands)

    Think it needs hanging up somewhere in the ground
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    [NSC] A giant flag for the North (and other stands)

    Any news on that flag….. being ready for Saturday?
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    [Brighton] Roy Grace coming to ITV next year

    Filming in Shoreham 09/11/21.
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    [Albion] Tariq Lamptey

    Portslade Seagull agree 100% with your comments, is it only you and mean that can see Giraffe is a major reason we keep continue to drop points this season, basketball is surely a sport more suitable.
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    [Albion] Anyone still in denial?

    Junior agree 100% with everything you say, there must be someone else who could play instead of that Giraffe who is incapable of jumping off the ground to head a ball, who's cost us so many points this year with bad defending and the in ability to score a simple goal.
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    [Albion] Why can't Percy.....

    Tau get a run out. Potter keeps playing that vertically challenged Irish man who couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo.
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    [Albion] Burn

    Dan Burn who continually costs us points with his in-ability to defend. Potter should of taken Burn off with ten minutes to go, he was on a yellow card and was fortunate not to get a second yellow when he suddenly thought he was back on the basket ball pitch again, he cost us 2 points against...
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    [Albion] Fly or drive?

    Anyone in the know, how does the team get to Liverpool tonight?
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    [Albion] Team full of midgets....................... .....

    Saw a stat a few years ago that stated 17.5%-18.5% of premier league goals are headed. Love to know what are stats are for our squad of midgets who have scored with their heads this year? Just feel we need a Chris Wood style player to offer something a little different up front. Also why did we...
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    [Albion] It's my birthday according to the club, but it isn't.

    Me too, and they said i was a year younger.
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    [Albion] One day we are going to totally annihilate a team and i reckon........

    its Sheffield tomorrow 5-0.