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  1. L'hampton Eagle

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Crystal Palace *** Official Match Thread ***

    Thanks but it doesn't matter how crap we were we defended well and we won end of, Was the same last season & even the play off season over the two games Bha were the better team and on the day we wanted it more so more of the same tonight,No goals no prizes :) I came to pay you a complement not...
  2. L'hampton Eagle

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Crystal Palace *** Official Match Thread ***

    Hard luck tonight chaps :amex: The place where dreams come true, The best team lost pure and simple, I would've been chuffed had we'd held out for the point especially with those stats! I've said to work collegues that Bha are way too good to go down and after tonight perfomance shows that...
  3. L'hampton Eagle

    [Football] Come on Villa!

    Yep 5 loses on the bounce but not a mention Palace are still 6 points better off than Bha:D & for the 2nd season in a row you're all panicing about the drop! :lolol:
  4. L'hampton Eagle

    [Football] Come on PALACE! (and smash Bournemouth please)

    Thankies Bha yep we're above the Arsenal & 4 wins in a row without conceding, cant complain, Hats off to Bha for taking 6 points off Arsenal this season AFTV is a great watch on youtube atm
  5. L'hampton Eagle

    [Albion] Palace smoke bomb

    Yep quite right a very long time, at least I've seen 3 Amex wins in recent history how many Bha Selhurst wins have you seen:wave: For what it's worth I still think you'll survive :thumbsup:
  6. L'hampton Eagle

    [Albion] Palace smoke bomb

    :clap2::clap2::clap2: Bang on, Both sets of chavs ruin it for the majority & innocent folk Result must have been hard to swallow today for Bha, I confess to be chuffed as fook, Never missed an Amex game & was so good to win there again:clap: Got to say tho you should've slaughted us today on...
  7. L'hampton Eagle

    £1140 donated to the REMF

    Donation made today Bozza, done 50% with extra gift aid & will do the other £25 next week making a total of £50 Kept my word mate even tho the w@nker who bet me vanished!:wanker:
  8. L'hampton Eagle

    [Albion] Thank you Palace

    6 points off us whcih you deserved :( we simply didn't turn up & yet you're still in our shadow by a long way :rave:
  9. L'hampton Eagle

    [Albion] Where can we get another point from?

    Obviously the pressure is on Cardiff playing the early Ko, I reckon you'll beat Toon and be relatively safe, but who knows it might come down to how we get on in Cardiff but it's defo in Bha's hands so get behind the team make sure you win Sat. Obviously I hope not :rave:
  10. L'hampton Eagle

    [Albion] Who will be supporting Palace?

    [/B] A lot of Brighton fans would disagree am sure. For what it's worth I reckon you'll be ok & alas the 6 points from us will be what keeps you up :ffsparr: If Cardiff do win tonight and our result down at Cardiff means you lot go down almost every Palace fan will be cheering Cardiff home...
  11. L'hampton Eagle

    [Football] #cpfc

    Replied below ,Egg on face big time but for a short time I was a Wall fan, 1st new Wembley visit you'll love it,
  12. L'hampton Eagle

    [Football] #cpfc

    I did hold my hands up , Fair play to Bha hats of for the come back :clap2::clap2::clap2::clap2: I'll be back
  13. L'hampton Eagle

    [Football] #cpfc

    Hands up fair play to Bha Gutted naturally but cant argue with the come back
  14. L'hampton Eagle

    [Football] #cpfc

    How did Bha get on in the quarters v a bottom of the championship team??
  15. L'hampton Eagle

    [Albion] Millwall vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss I know that means a ban but hey ho, never wanted Millwall to win i my life until today:ffsparr:
  16. L'hampton Eagle

    [Football] Dougie?

    Hard to take, am obviously gutted, But I suppose it's a case of holding hands up and saying what goes around comes around, Bha fans have waited a long time for a victory at Selhurst 15 long years wasn't it? no wonder you celebrated like crazy.Palace weren't up for it and you deserved it...
  17. L'hampton Eagle

    [Albion] Brighton or Palace At Spurs' New Digs

    I think BHA will almost certainly be at Wembley for an Fa cup semi,you'll be way to strong for Millwall, but should we beat Watford in the quarters and that's a big if, I cant see Palace playing a game V Spurs Weds the 3rd 2 days before an Fa cup Semi held on the 6/7 April
  18. L'hampton Eagle

    [Albion] Wembley

    Reading thro these comments do make me very nervous at the prospect of us playing at Wembley, Imagine the carnage!! What goes around comes around as we know,so could be your turn, remember the St Patrick's day massacre then after the play off Glorious victory! The cup semi or we even worse...
  19. L'hampton Eagle

    £1140 donated to the REMF

    The Brentford fan said we'd go down and was prepared to double however he's vanished, however I promise to pay the £50 what ever happens.