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    [Football] Italy V England Final.

    was always going to be this way
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    [Football] Italy V England Final.

    cracking goal.
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    [Football] Arsenal’s Ben White

    i probably saw him play 9 or 10 times on tv. and i do still think he is over hyped, your other defenders always seemed more assured and confident. he has being english in his favour, and we all know 'big' clubs will pony up for english kids.
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    [Football] Arsenal’s Ben White

    sadly for our ben there won't be one.
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    [Football] Arsenal’s Ben White

    arsenal is a bit of a sideways step for him, surely?
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    [Football] Come on Republic of North Macedonia!

    gjanni gjanni gjanni. nice to see he boils piss even on here.
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    [Football] Match day thread England vs Croatia

    nice to see our kalvin stepping up.
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    [Football] Christian Eriksen

    thanks. you are smart! i suppose i was mostly wondering if something like this would be picked up in a medical that these professional sportsmen have or if it was a completely random, strike anytime to anyone thing.
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    [Football] Christian Eriksen

    Game resuming at 7.30pm. not sure how i feel about that but i assume all the players have agreed
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    [Football] Christian Eriksen

    that is interesting, thank you for sharing. is it something you can never be aware you might have - ie happens completely at random to anyone?
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    [Football] Christian Eriksen

    picture of him sat up with oxygen mask on, but awake. thank god.
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    [Football] Christian Eriksen

    absolutely awful, doesn't look good at all. poor guy. really hope he is ok.
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    [Albion] First Brighton game and who took you....indulge me

    sorry about your dad. my first brighton game was when we played you lot right at the beginning of the 83/84 season, we beat you 3-2 at elland road, terry connor scored one of your goals, we were in division 2. i went with my dad and uncle.
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    [Football] How excited are you about the Euros?

    seven. phillips - england robin koch - germany diego llorente - spain liam cooper - scotland mateusz klich - poland tyler roberts - wales gjanni alioski - north macedonia
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    taking the knee - what are your thoughts

    i have no issue with it, they can do what they want. but i do wonder what change they actually hope to achieve from it, and i don't mean the smart soundbites or those booing it outing themselves as pillocks. i already feel like this taking the knee has become just a thing that happens before a...
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    [Football] How excited are you about the Euros?

    not really been bothered. but the kids have got their wall charts up and are excited to put in every result and all that, some of their enthusiasm is rubbing off on me.
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    [Football] Name Three Teams That Will Struggle

    £11million the deal is done and written into his loan. probably bargain of the summer.
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    [Football] Championship Playoffs

    my brother is there and they were told when in their seat there is no need to wear a mask.
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    [Football] Are you watching the Cup Final?

    no. i hate what they have done to the cup final. used to be the centre piece and climax to the football season, so many cracking memories of cup final day. sat in front of the tv all day, all the build up, seeing the teams having breakfast, cup final suits, terrible songs, used to be an all day...