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    [Football] Non-League Day this Saturday - Where are you going?

    Totally agree. First half all Worthing did was short passes around their own box before launching it upfield for the runners. Much better second half and deserved the win. Was also good to see some full bodied tackles without complaints.
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    [Football] Gareth Southgate at the Amex?

    His London travel pass only covers him as far as Croydon.
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    [Albion] Viera has left Palace and Hodgson returns!

    Any news yet from Troy Townsend that this was a racist decision.
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    [Other Sport] Fury vs Usyk

    In my opinion Lewis is in the top five heavyweights of all time along with Ali, Louis, Holmes and Tyson, a win for Fury wouldn't elevate him to that position. Oh for the days of just two belts, when the champion fought the top challenger and the only problem was to get the two bodies to agree.
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    [Football] Gary Lineker to step back from presenting MOTD

    I haven't read all 56 pages so please forgive if I am repeating anyone. Lineker is entitled to an opinion as we all are. However, his mistake was to compare the UK government to one of the most vile regimes in history, this was out of order. On the plus side, I usually record MOTD and watch it...
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    [Finance] AA membership renewal - anything cheaper out there?

    Buy a brand new Mercedes, it will come with breakdown cover. Anyone dumb enough to have been paying £1,100 for home insurance more than10 years ago must have money to burn.
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    [Travel] Can someone explain train fares

    I find it amazing the number of contributors to this thread who assume the helpline assistant was a different race or colour to myself, I never said it, as being a phone call, I wouldn't know it. Is a European, east or west a different race, I don't know, it could have been one of them. The...
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    [Travel] Can someone explain train fares

    Thank God for that, you've occupied nearly 10 percent of the posts on someone you dislike and ignore. You are now free to carry on and hijack other threads for your own agenda.
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    [Travel] Can someone explain train fares

    If I was abroad and required assistance in a non-English speaking country, I would be fortunate to receive the help of someone who does speak English. As it was, I was unfortunate to be speaking to someone in a call centre in this country who failed to understand my question.
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    [Travel] Can someone explain train fares

    My God, you do waffle on. Read again my opening post, I'm not asking for the cheapest fare, I had an enquiry about an anomaly. Having travelled for many years to away games I am fully aware of the ticket structure, cards to use, ticket splitting and saver fares etc. Why you make a point of...
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    [Travel] Can someone explain train fares

    I was enquiring if a Worthing-Victoria-Worthing ticket costing £21.20 could be used for a journey Victoria-Worthing-Victoria ticket costing £34.50 The National Rail website displays all the trains these tickets can be used on and in both cases, they are the same time trains. The lady in the call...
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    [Travel] Can someone explain train fares

    You appear to have an obsession with racism that doesn't exist. My post concerned an anomaly, to which I gave an example of, whereby you can use the same time trains at two different rates. The obvious first call is to the helpline provided by National Rail to query this, which I did. I spoke to...
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    [Travel] Can someone explain train fares

    Thank you, for a simple answer some on here are unable to provide. They would rather look for racism that doesn't exist.
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    [Travel] Can someone explain train fares

    I've checked various dates and it always gives a higher price Victoria Worthing return. The fare I quoted was a random one today both leaving at 12.30 and returning tonight at 20.00
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    [Travel] Can someone explain train fares

    Thank you for that, it will be two separate tickets so to any guard or inspector a valid dated ticket is available.
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    [Travel] Can someone explain train fares

    I am not prejudiced to any foreign national. I don't know if the call centre was in this country or abroad. I am merely stating the conversation was difficult because she did not seem to understand my question.
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    [Travel] Can someone explain train fares

    A family member wishes to come down to Worthing by train. As an example, Victoria to Worthing return today quotes £34.50 super off peak return, ticket can be used on all available trains. Yet if I search Worthing to Victoria today it quotes £21.20 super off peak return, ticket can be used on all...
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    [Other Sport] Best sportsman / athlete of all time

    I agree with the people who say Muhammad Ali. Not only did he beat the early 60s generation Liston, Patterson, our 'enry etc. after losing his prime years went on to beat the next generation, Frazier, Foreman, Norton etc. I've been lucky enough to go to the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville and...
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    [Misc] Who on here has been to walk past the Queen's coffin?

    I do not consider it to be a specific age group, but an attitude held in these times by a noisy minority.
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    [NSC] What are you doing on Monday?

    For me it will be like the old days of watching the cup final. Early morning to see the build up, the main event itself, then the big debate afterwards. My only regret is moving back down south recently, where I used to live in West London I could have walked to the A30 and said a final goodbye.