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    [TV] A Town Called Malice

    It was so bad I ended up watching all of it, just to see where it justified the huge hype from Sky. Sadly it never did. It tried to be Baz Luhrmann does Danny Dyer, and was neither. Just made absolutely no sense and the acting was unbelievably wooden.
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    [Albion] Security for Palace game

    Hmmm I am flip flopping as to whether to let my sons go (9 and 11). Originally I was thinking not mainly due to school night, but now there are school strikes I was more tempted. But now this thread has me lurching towards not taking them again. Seems like there is a lot of good feedback on...
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    [Albion] Security for Palace game

    I'm really confused by all of this!! Assume due to clockwise direction this year the barrier won't be at the East stand, but by the South West corner as per a previous post, and those of us in the East can just head down towards the station... but who knows!?
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    [Misc] Fly tipping - it's rubbish

    At our local tip (Maresfield), there is a charge now for the general public to tip hardcore/soil at £4 per rubble bag. This just seems insane and surely only going to promote fly tipping.
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    [Football] Potter at Chelsea

    Agreed I think there is a short term impact as Wankstanley (I like it), can take our shopping list for this year with him to Chelsea, that has already gone through Tony's algorithms and spat out the latest wonder kids. However, long term, for future crops of talent he won't have the benefit of...
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    [Albion] Sanchez to be sold for £20m ?

    I reckon this is pretty much nailed on that he'll go to Chelsea once they hit our price tag, due to the link he has with Ben Roberts and their need for a decent goalkeeper. Apparently he was devastated when BR left the club with the other snakes. He always seems pretty aloof to me and reckon...
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    [Albion] Village Way Pre and Post Match

    Yep he's a luck bugger! I would've given my right nut to have this opportunity when I was his age!
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    [Albion] Village Way Pre and Post Match

    Thanks guys appreciate all answers, I feel reassured! I'll work out post-game on the fly. Hopefully with the momentum of a few pints of Harvey's (he credits it with a miracle cure of a terminal cancer diagnosis!) and a good win behind us he'll find it easy to get to the Bridge seeing as it's...
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    [Albion] Village Way Pre and Post Match

    Hi guys - my son is a mascot at the game on Saturday, so my father-in-law is coming with us. He is 86 and, while pretty agile for his age, may struggle to walk from the bridge car parking space that i have. I've contacted the club to explain the situation, and they've suggested he could be...
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    [Albion] Parking for West Ham and Man U

    Got one for Man Utd... but how did these tickets sell out so quickly? Is there anywhere that details what date parking goes on sale for each match?
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    [Albion] Match Day parking at Wilde Park

    Have no idea how the differentiated us, but, I've parked there since mid-way through last season, and the last couple of games I've had a warning slapped on my car so I think there is going to be an imminent clamp (hopefully not literally) down on football parking. Additionally, seems to be...
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    [NSC] A giant flag for the North (and other stands)

    That's what i was thinking. I'm all for a big flag and the potential aesthetic of it, but don't think it leads directly to an improved atmosphere!
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    [Football] Tuchel gone

    Agreed, he was very reluctant to leave Swansea when we came in for him due to the impact on moving family etc. My only hope is that his kids are settled in Brighton and he doesn't want to uproot them. OR he doesn't fancy the commute to Cobham from Brighton... tenuous but you never know...
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    [TV] Netflix - What's good to watch?

    Yeah I had heard good things about it, was expecting to be blown away, but was a little disappointed. As you say, seemed a little predictable and cliched.
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    [Albion] If you want to move seats for next season...

    Yes I can now. Must have tried to early this morning! Cheers..
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    [Albion] If you want to move seats for next season...

    Did you have any luck? I tried moving this morning (hoping to be nearer halfway in East lower) and the only availability was in the SW corner. I don't understand it as clearly the whole East and West stand can't be sold out to season tickets, right?
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    [Politics] Russia invades Ukraine (24/02/2022)

    It's because of this that it's slightly more serious than "Oopsie". Putin will escalate if needs be in order to try and leave a legacy as the strong man.
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    [Politics] Russia invades Ukraine (24/02/2022)

    The nuke doesn't even need to work though for disaster. Just the launch will bring retaliatory strikes from NATO, and the rest is history...
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    [Albion] The declining quality of my match day experience

    Not exactly a helpful response: "Thank you for your email, it is always helpful for us to receive feedback on the match day experience. This is an issue that has been brought to our attention. Thanks again." I've gone back to ask for a little more information!
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    [Albion] The declining quality of my match day experience

    I've had this issue with the wifi for the last three or four games since I moved from Vodafone to GiffGaff. Don't know if that's just a coincidence or not... I need to get round to contacting supporter services about.