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  1. Caveman

    [Albion] Song requests for Friday night….

    1/ Moder Skoda rendition obviously. 2/ The new Lamptey song … Ohh Tariq Lamptey, oh he is so wonderful He’s beautiful, when he’s on the ball it’s magical Running fast down the wing, he’s as fast as lightening, it’s frightening And he makes all the Brighton Sing DER DER DER DER DER DER. To...
  2. Caveman

    [Albion] Swansea Carabao Tickets

    Change in the rules only 2 points this season
  3. Caveman

    [Football] Starting a season with Strikers

    Cucurella and March might make an interesting partnership on that side..?!
  4. Caveman

    [Albion] Marc Cucurella *Signed For Chelsea 05/08/2022*

    I think so proving they can agree personal terms, medicals etc
  5. Caveman

    [Football] Brentford - Am I Unfair in finding them annoying even before they've kicked a ball?

    I’ve always had a disliking to them and don’t really know why, seeing us lose a couple of 4-0s back in the day probably didn’t help!
  6. Caveman

    [Albion] Percy off.

    Also ties in with why he was sat in the stands for the Getafe game.
  7. Caveman

    [Football] Crystal Palace sell £87.5m stake to US businessman

    Let’s hope so 👍😂
  8. Caveman

    [Albion] What’s more likely: Top 10 or relegation?

    We have more chance of going down than top 10, UNLESS we make 2-3 strong signings before the window shuts, our teams is currently weaker than last seasons imo.
  9. Caveman

    [Albion] Burnley tickets

    How many we sold so far, anyone know?
  10. Caveman

    [Albion] Reda Khadra

    Exactly this, pretty much 90% of the players coming in are not mentioned until the day or two before. Keep the faith
  11. Caveman

    [Albion] Marc Cucurella *Signed For Chelsea 05/08/2022*

    Agreed, I think out of all the potential signings this one carries the most weight.
  12. Caveman

    [Albion] Drinking in seats

    Very good point and not something I had given much thought too. Beer lobbing is more common now for some strange reason and would happen if we scored. Wouldn’t be funny if you he to work after the game or off out etc
  13. Caveman

    [Albion] Palace Fans Biggest Fear

    A player which isn’t Championship level is Cahill … oh hang on a minute
  14. Caveman

    [Football] Supporters in Worthing / Broadwater?

    Yes sure I was planing to dress up as Mr Tumble before games and dive about on Broadwater Green before most matches, lockdown hasn’t been kind so maybe you can wear the outfit instead.
  15. Caveman

    [Albion] Rangers v Brighton

    Rangers have played more pre season games and we had several main first teamers out Sanchez, Vieltman, Trossard, Welbeck, Dunk, Lamptey and White (?) so as always not worrying about the result.
  16. Caveman

    [Albion] Rangers v Brighton

    It’s not it’s ‘hyper turquoise‘ !!
  17. Caveman

    [Albion] Palace Fans Biggest Fear

    I see Burnley have signed Wayne Hennessey… I assumed he was still at Palace, but appears to be one that was let go, decent back up keeper. Are Palace blessed with keepers?
  18. Caveman

    Yves Bissouma SINGS on a 5 (five) year deal

    Wear it yes, pull it off…. I don’t know.
  19. Caveman

    [Football] Zaha watch 2022 - *** Will the SEGW finally manage to escape? ***

    Take out the “Patrick Vieira” bit and I am getting deja vu? Zaha is for ever consigned to being a player that never got his big move and played out his whole football career with a tin pot outfit.
  20. Caveman

    [Albion] Would YOU take £50m for Ben White?

    Don’t know about driving him there myself, the areas a bit of a dump. But I’d take 50 million pounds (mwwaahahaha).