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    [Misc] Water Softeners & Eczema

    B and W warter softener are one of the best I’ve had one for about 4 years, takes salt tablets for the brine wash ( which doesn’t soften the water ) which you can buy on Amazon or bookers cash and Carry, you will notice the difference within 2 weeks you’ll use less of all washing products, hope...
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    [Technology] VPN advice please

    Used my VPN CyberGhost in Tenerife last month watched sky go using hotel Wi-Fi
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    [Albion] Parking at the University

    That’s what I meant as I’ve got 2 platinum punk:
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    [Albion] Parking at the University

    1901 members with 2 season tickets you get one parking space at the Uni
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    [Travel] Driving from London tomorrow

    Last bike ride coldean lane was closed coming down towards Lewis Rd but open going up to asda
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    [Travel] Tenerife

    Costa Adeje Off to the Bahia del Duque in Costa adeje next Wednesday,third time of booking after cancelling the previous two, day 2 test booked at the regenerative clinic at fiveways for £39, test done in the clinic, pre departure test done in family Doctors clinic in Costa adeje for 35 euros...
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    [Travel] New PCR and quarantine rules

    From green list day2 pcr in clinic £42 at the regenerative clinic fiveways
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    [Travel] New PCR and quarantine rules

    What’s the name of the clinic at fiveways that does the pcr tests ?
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    [Albion] Moises Caicedo - New contract signed until summer 2027 with 1 year extra option.

    Medical probably at the Montefiore Hospital, Hove
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    [Help] Shutters

    Shutters] Just had whole house fitted with shutters from Brighton-shutters.co.uk amazing price and service not vat registered so extremely competitive, nearly all made in China so mine were 8 weeks delivery quality same as John Lewis
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    [Brighton] UBER Licence Revoked in Brighton and Hove

    for west hove obviously you do, but there,s a jaguar xf with a lewes plate parked opposite my house and i followed a lewes PH mercedes C63 on the Lewes rd
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    [Brighton] UBER Licence Revoked in Brighton and Hove

    all uber drivers are not licenced by Brighton hackney office the majority are from any where but brighton and have got Lewes plates where they have NO dbs checks or cctv and will give a licence to anybody their knowledge test is " do you know where brighton is " and even licence a mercedes c63...
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    [Albion] The quckest way to Gatwick

    uber £90
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    [Albion] Alireza Jahanbakhsh joins Feyenoord

    cant be mobile mri at the amex as it would have been nicked by now
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    [Albion] Alireza Jahanbakhsh joins Feyenoord

    they have a mri scanner at the amex
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    [Brighton] All uber lovers

    each to their own
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    [Brighton] All uber lovers

    saturday morning 14th july bottom of west st to st peter,s church £9.00 told as its busy 1.88 normal fare increase normal cab £5.80 saturday afternoon 14th july Gatwick £82 but set fare on radio cabs £40 saturday 21st july old market, upper st hove to bond st. quoted £19 (not enough cars )...
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    [Brighton] UBER Licence Revoked in Brighton and Hove

    no fare rise for about 3 years