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  1. 16bha

    [Albion] Strengthening the BHA brand

    Isn’t it about time we were involved in more inter-continental pre season tournaments in the Far East / Oz to start widening the BHA brand and subsequent global income? How long will the likes of Crawley and Birmingham cut it?
  2. 16bha

    [Albion] Ok, so who’s got their semi final ticket and how many?

    Block 140, lower tier near corner flag. Bought 2 £65 each!
  3. 16bha

    [Football] Mo Salah

    I still quite like him. He only did what we’d expect from our players. I’d take his time wasting as a compliment.
  4. 16bha

    [Albion] Klopp watching

    Noticed Klopp always spends the warm ups standing in centre circle watching the opposition. Mind games?
  5. 16bha

    Brighton fans abroad, where did you bump into your fellow fans?

    I recall meeting an another Albion fan in Barbados during my honeymoon too in 2001. Was at Club Rockley
  6. 16bha

    Is the Huddersfield game being shown at the Amex tomorrow?

    No doubt the question has already been asked but I couldn't see. anyone aware of any special arrangements to screen their game tomorrow after our game?
  7. 16bha

    Places to watch on Saturday

    Any other good Worthing options? I was going to watch, nervously from behind the sofa, but fancy the pub option now.
  8. 16bha

    This week I'll be mainly supporting Birmingham City FC...

    Well until 2145 on Friday.
  9. 16bha

    Football League Tonight (Channel 5's FL highlights show)

    Fair play to Neil Lennon saying class act by all fans doing the 63rd minutes applause.
  10. 16bha

    Who are the TWO GAY footballers in todays MIRROR ?

    While the media continue to highlight this as such a major issue then it will do nothing but add pressure on any individual. Why does a player have to 'come out' anyway. I don't recall having to clarify that I was heterosexual at any point. Have to to admit the term 'coming out' makes it sound...
  11. 16bha

    Preston Fans..

    Not even a third of the way through the season and belittling comments like that. What have we become?
  12. 16bha

    Big thanks to Paul Barber and the club

    Were you all in West Lower? I recall seeing PB say cheerio to a guy, and as he went up the steps, you could see he was beaming from ear to ear! Nice touch!
  13. 16bha


    We did a fly drive a few years ago, taking in Seattle, Vancouver, Jasper, Calgary and Banff. BC and Alberta were fantastic. If you're driving, the Icefields Parkway down to Banff is awe inspiring. Vancouver is great. Visit the Capillano Suspension Bridge.
  14. 16bha

    Why do evening games traditionally start at 7.45pm?

    Why not 7.30 or 8.00?
  15. 16bha

    Adam Virgo

    Have they dumped him now from Football League Show? It really is dire. leaving that show can only enhance his pundit credentials
  16. 16bha

    Bit of Swing Low Sweet Chariot today?

    Don't be hard on yourself. Life is too short.
  17. 16bha

    Bit of Swing Low Sweet Chariot today?

    Only fitting for our visitors today and ahead of the second most important game today...
  18. 16bha

    Opening league game now Friday night: (vs Forest, 7th Aug, 7.45pm)

    Ditto...all planned to fly in from Egypt in early hours of Saturday with the thought of our first game of season to help get rid of the post holiday blues. Now yet another wasted ticket!!!!
  19. 16bha

    Three things: pies, Forest and...

    Would be gutted with No.2. This would have been the first time in years that I hadn't f#$#ed up holiday booking and fixtures. I fly back to Gatwick at 0200 on morning of 8th August. Everything had fallen into place. You utter, utter b#stards! Hopefully bollocks!