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  1. The Tactician

    [Football] Cheating - pretending to be injured to disrupt the opposition

    This would punish players who suffer legitimate head injuries. There's a much much better way of doing this. We see very little deliberate simulation anymore - since officials began handing out retrospective punishment for diving, reviewing incidents after games. That and the presence of VAR...
  2. The Tactician

    [Albion] Let's make Chelsea a game where...

    ...the players can't help but give everything, and fight till the last ball. It all starts with the atmosphere, and we need our players to know immediately this game is important to us as fans. It should be hostile, overbearing - I want it to fill our players with a nervous energy and give...
  3. The Tactician

    [Albion] Liverpool Tickets

    Thank you! Just picked one up and can now join the family!
  4. The Tactician

    [Albion] Forest Green Rovers vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Really looking forward to going tonight, will be a first for me. COTA :albion2:
  5. The Tactician

    [Football] National Non- league Day, is 26th March 2022

    Shameless plug... I've been working on a campaign for this weekend where upon presenting a National Lottery ticket, you can get a free ticket to a national league game. Non-league football is bloody brilliant, and supporting lower league clubs is absolutely vital because of not only the great...
  6. The Tactician

    [Football] Best clips from non-league football

    Anyone happen to be a watcher of the non-league football? Very happy to say I'm working on a rather large project promoting the brilliance of non-league. In essence, why the experience is unique and why the clubs are so well connected to their local community. I am producing a launch video...
  7. The Tactician

    [Albion] To Avoid Potter Bashing - The Staying Up Tracker - season 21-22 Final Update - 11 ABOVE

    Love this tracker, so thought I'd share another worthy comparison of how we have fared after 19 games in each of our previous PL seasons. What a time to be an Albion fan! :albion2: 1478302632817176577
  8. The Tactician

    [Football] The Non-League Football Thread- 2021/22 Edition

    Calling fans of National League / NL North / NL South teams I'm beginning work on a project for non-league football - should be really exciting if I can do it right! If anyone on here supports /attends games for any teams in the National League, the National League North or National League...
  9. The Tactician

    [Albion] Jordan Ayew - what a game that man had

    Ayew for Player of the Month Well. Though our friends up the road appear to have declined to share the results of the MOTM poll, they are now running a POTM poll. Surely it's only right Ayew is recognised? Vote here: https://twitter.com/CPFC/status/1443252665517965313?s=19
  10. The Tactician

    [Albion] Zonal Marking at Corners

  11. The Tactician

    [Albion] Percy off.

    Will be honest, I couldn't find the thread ( yes I used the search function, I certainly could have tried harder but it didn't appear straight away). The way I am aware of his departure does not risk anyone's job - it could be argued that I shouldn't have shared the info but I didn't feel that...
  12. The Tactician

    [Albion] Percy off.

    Have it on good authority he will be departing. Shame, seemed like a 'fun' player that could have been very popular. Not that he needs more fans looking at his South African following! Perhaps his departure opens the door to an incoming. Delay in announcing it could well mean there is...
  13. The Tactician

    [Albion] The next Albion striker... AKA "The missing link"

    Great minds! Sasa Kalajdzic was one of my picks back in January, and I discussed him amongst others on the Albion Analytics podcast - feel free to have a listen if you want to learn more about him! https://twitter.com/AlbionAnalytics/status/1346437759557382145?s=19 I think my number one...
  14. The Tactician

    [Albion] BHAFC U23s Article: Defenders and GK

    Thank you all for kind words, glad you're enjoying. Just as a little bonus, none other than David Weir has 'liked' the article on Twitter. Maybe because it makes him look like he's doing a great job!
  15. The Tactician

    [Albion] BHAFC U23s Article: Defenders and GK

    Hello all. As part of Albion Analytics I've written part 1 of a 3 article series, focusing on 23 Albion U23s to watch. We did something similar a while back, but with the marvelous progress we've made, any excuse to have another look at the array of young talent we have at the club. You know...
  16. The Tactician

    [Albion] Bad Omens - BHAFC Vs MCFC

    Apologies, that should read PREMIER LEAGUE meetings :rolleyes: What I'd give for a scoreline like that tonight!
  17. The Tactician

    [Albion] Bad Omens - BHAFC Vs MCFC

    "Bad omens are omnipresent for Albion in this fixture, having lost all seven Premier League meetings against the Citizens by an aggregate score of 21-2. In the reverse fixture, though, Albion limited Pep Guardiola’s side to just one goal. Of the 22 Premier League games Manchester City have...
  18. The Tactician

    [Albion] Article - Brighton's Stat Attack - do we (just) need a striker?

    I'll add something if I may. This is exactly right, one of the primary reasons our xG is so high, but our conversion rates so low is because often there are defenders positioned to block shots from cutbacks, and our forwards don't have the required levels of composure to convert more of these...
  19. The Tactician

    [Albion] Our excellent PL record Vs West Ham

    West Ham are much more suited to playing a counter-attack style. If we want to win the game, I feel we may have to deliberately sacrifice possession and force them to try and break us down when we're compact. If we act as the protagonist in the game we're likely to get done on the counter. Weird...