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  1. Hillian1

    [Misc] Have you had Covid ?

    Yes, both me and Wife tested positive on July 18th. We had been in Somerset and were driving back with mother in law and granddaughter, we'd all been in the same car for almost 12 hours over 3 days. Granddaughter was moaning about the smell of manure coming off the fields which was very strong...
  2. Hillian1

    [Food] Piglets Pantry Pies Portsmouth

    They really aren't that good anyway, why some on here go into a circle jerk at the very mention of them is beyond me.
  3. Hillian1

    [Politics] Stop Faroe Islands petition to Fifa and Uefa

    If dolphins are so intelligent why haven't they learnt how to make fire yet? They've been around longer than humans.
  4. Hillian1

    [Misc] Strange And Obvious Things You Should Know But Only Found Out Late..

    Not really obvious but interesting: The word Helicopter is actually 2 words joined together and they aren't Heli and Copter They are Helico meaning spiral and Pter meaning wing.
  5. Hillian1

    [News] Multiple shootings in Plymouth

    I worry for some on here then.
  6. Hillian1

    [News] The Coronavirus Good News thread

    Day 8 after testing positive and I've just had a sausage sandwich and tasted it. This isn't just GOOD news it's FANTASTIC news
  7. Hillian1

    [Politics] Alec Scott

    Dan Walker is an excellent presenter who's never played football at Elite level. Alex Scott played Elite level football but is not a very good presenter. Question is, who will prove to be better, a Presenter who loves football or a footballer who loves presenting.
  8. Hillian1

    [Albion] Whatever happened to NorthStandPolls?

    NSP got me my new job. Legends all.
  9. Hillian1

    [Albion] Whatever happened to NorthStandPolls?

    Absolute bunch of total wronguns. Love them all. Xx
  10. Hillian1

    [News] The Coronavirus Good News thread

    Had my 1st jab yesterday, feel like utter turd this morning but so glad I have had it.
  11. Hillian1

    [Sussex] Closed pubs of Sussex

    The Weald Burgess Hill is now just a hole in the ground where the cellar was. Sold and flattened by Green King out of pure greed.
  12. Hillian1

    [News] The Coronavirus Good News thread

    If they start prescribing Colchicine, I would seriously recommend that everyone starts hoarding bog roll. I say this as a gout sufferer so am experienced in the side effects of this drug.
  13. Hillian1

    [Misc] Would you time travel to the past or to the future?

    Past. See some Dinosaurs, maybe have a look at the asteroid too.
  14. Hillian1


    Right in the danger zone is Rudi. Oh well
  15. Hillian1

    [Albion] The Southampton golden ticket poll

    2. Absolutely no intention of going either.
  16. Hillian1

    [Albion] your 1st game at the Amex?

    Blackpool, missed Doncaster because my extremely inconsiderate daughter decided to have her wedding on August 6th 2011.
  17. Hillian1

    [TV] Question of Sport revamp

    Seeing as she seems to be on every single programme on TV lately, I'll go for Alex Scott as host and both team captains. Ellie Simmonds would tick a few boxes
  18. Hillian1

    [Albion] TalkSport’s dodgy ‘supercomputer’ predicts final Premier League table

    Who's Darren Ambrose? And why should I give a tuppeny fùçk what he says