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  1. piersa

    [Albion] Potter In or Out

    this is accurate. I'd take Slaven in a heartbeat
  2. piersa

    [Albion] Potter In or Out

    It's all about opinions. Mine is that he's had long enough. Dan Burn is not a left back. He's good in a back three and that's when he should play. Potter plays too many square pegs in round holes and too much squad rotation. Winning one home game in a calendar year. How many managers would...
  3. piersa

    [News] Kay Burley - oops!

    Because she's got a face like a leather bag.
  4. piersa

    [Albion] Farewell Mr Kayal

    He was great for us. Always gave everything he had. One of my favourite Albion players since we've been at the Amex. Best of luck to him.
  5. piersa

    [Misc] Bear Grylls

    this remains one of the funniest videos i've seen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzGMYQpRB0g
  6. piersa

    [Football] Ollie Watkins

    I often get confused who i'm watching. Do we have Marchelo or Marcelo playing for us? Silly March is that good.
  7. piersa

    [Misc] Global warming....possible to argue?

    You asked a question in a reasonable way and got various ad hominem attacks. That's social media for you unfortunately. FWIW I think it's impossible for the amount of people on earth not to have some sort of impact on the environment. The question is to what degree and what how much of it is a...
  8. piersa

    [Football] England’s Solly March?

    some mind altering drugs being taken on here.
  9. piersa

    [Football] Mesut Ozil's loyalty bonus

    go on..................
  10. piersa

    [Football] Mesut Ozil's loyalty bonus

    It's Arsenal FC who are to blame, not Ozil. The player just accepted what was offered to him as a wage for his services. We all do the same at work. I don't know anyone who has ever been into a contract negotiation and asked for less money to do their job.
  11. piersa

    [Albion] £14.95 to watch Albion

    no chance
  12. piersa

    [Football] Chris to Forest

    Fair point. The championship seasons were entertaining. It was the prem seasons that were dull.
  13. piersa

    [Football] Chris to Forest

    It will be boring but effective.
  14. piersa

    [Albion] Andi Zeqiri (Now Signed)

    my thoughts too.
  15. piersa

    [Albion] Connolly's (non) penalty

    VAR is for clear and obvious errors? That wasn't a clear and obvious error, ergo, it should have stood.
  16. piersa

    [Albion] Solly March

    Solly has done ok, but he's no Gaetan Bong. ;)
  17. piersa

    [Football] Plucky Leeds.

    Agree with this. I think leeds play a very energy hungry style, they will burn out after about 25 games and struggle a bit from there. They are good to watch but more due to their endeavour rather than their quality.
  18. piersa

    [Football] Greenwood and foden

    So should we write them both off?
  19. piersa

    [Football] Greenwood and foden

    This is far too sensible for this forum, please delete.