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  1. Ron Manager

    [Albion] Leeds United - away

    Bit of a long shot, I don't suppose anyone is driving to Wakefield afterwards and could squeeze me in? :blush:
  2. Ron Manager

    [Football] Big Ron Manager

    Who? Witch hazel, jumpers for goalposts, wasn't it, mmmmmmm
  3. Ron Manager

    [Albion] Liverpool Allocation

    I'm sure if it wasn't simply the lowly common or garden punter but a ££££ corporate, then things might be different
  4. Ron Manager

    [Albion] New away kit

    Thumbs down here, no like.
  5. Ron Manager

    [Misc] Knee replacement surgery

    Can't help with the robots, but I've had significant work on both knees and in my eyes James Lewis is a legend. The key to any such surgery is the post physio. Makes all the difference in the world, and do exactly what and when they say.
  6. Ron Manager

    [Albion] Amex expansion.

  7. Ron Manager

    [Albion] Saturday Night Takeaway

    Let's Get Ready to Tumble
  8. Ron Manager

    [Finance] What salary would this job command?

    Whatever the salary turns out to be, I hope that you are successful and it is the position that you are seeking.
  9. Ron Manager

    [News] Tanya Roberts - RIP

    I liked her in View to a Kill I think it was. RIP.
  10. Ron Manager

    [Albion] so here is a poll showing success in both ticket lotteries

    3 / 3 Someone doesn't like me.
  11. Ron Manager

    [Misc] What's your attitude to ASTROLOGY?

    Staring at other planets through a telescope, RUBBISH
  12. Ron Manager

    Circuit breaker

  13. Ron Manager

    [Albion] Paul barber q&a matchday thread

    Silly question alert, where do I access this Q & A?