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  1. K

    [TV] Top Gear Filming Suspended

    A new BBC programme in the planning? Lewis Hamilton spends an hour facing bouncers from Starc, Nortje, Wood,Hasnain, Riaz and Joffra,
  2. K

    [Albion] He's 18

    Thought that was just me.
  3. K

    [Albion] New Brighton mural in Hove (In Progress)

    The Brunswick Square Ultras would be able to pop into Farrow & Ball, pick up a tin of Radicchio Red and an Indigo Blue, load them onto a flare, and fire it onto the wall. It would look like a load of Pollocks.
  4. K

    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    Rubbish. You can't use a Brexit vote from 2016 as representative of the UK's population on migration today. It was a only a 42% turnout by voters. You'd have to assume some of these Leavers wanted out for economic reasons and desire for a blue passport rather than racism. A handful of remainers...
  5. K

    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    Having looked at the 7 MPs set to seal his future he looks f##ked. My old MP Harriet, who I met in that near glorious year 1983, 2 Tories who don't care for the buffoon, an SNP MP (no more need be said) and a Tory and Labour MP I don't know anything about. So not full of Labour. 2 week...
  6. K

    [Other Sport] Cheltenham Festival 2023

    After 2 Days of complete and utter failures managed to be amongst the front runners today. £104 thrown in, £120 returned and a few nearlys. Envoi Allen and Salvador Ziggy.
  7. K

    Official Running Thread

    8 layers on top, thermals, hat and flask of hot tea. Toasty. 😆 I had ingeniously kept the gate open with a metal stake so I didn't have to hold it. Luckily I just managed to stop 300 sheep making a run through at 1 o'clock and had to close it. The winner was 10" ahead of second by me and won in...
  8. K

    Official Running Thread

    Great determined effort by @Greg Bobkin yesterday. I was up high on Beddingham Hill at 14 miles and a sunny morning turned wet windy just as the majority started along the Firle Bo Peep section. Great event and I've deferred for 2024. Highly recommend.
  9. K

    [Other Sport] Cracking selection of sports photography on the Guardian website

    Incredible mix. I loved many. Second was the Bill Beaumont long jump for the perspectives in one photo. First was something I never believed could happen.
  10. K

    [Football] Gary Lineker to step back from presenting MOTD

    If Bank Manager's still existed I'm sure Gary's would be sycophantically not giving a toss.
  11. K

    Official Running Thread

    That's terrible news and awful timing as you've been injury free(ish) for a long time. A new 65+ has hit some highs this month. Kevin Lowe, who I beat at 800m by a second last summer, has got an indoor national Bronze and ran Hove Prom in 20:28 last time out. You have met the rival/mate and I...
  12. K

    Official Running Thread

    Just read that what I earlier took to be your max Heart Rate graph was NSC new style pop up adds. The cross on the right had me worried.
  13. K

    Official Running Thread

    @Bob! Bit of a scare but you managed it well (maybe should have gone to the Doc earlier) and glad you're now being watched. My schoolmate triathlon rival was unable to drink for 2 weeks before Xmas as on antibiotics for a tooth abcess. Made up for it Xmas Day. Obviously woke up feeling rough but...
  14. K

    Official Running Thread

    Not me mate. Bloody sick note.😆 Deferred from the Moyleman today. Don't want to risk further damage to a calf niggle. Training was good and now I can gradually get into speedwork for the summer. Good luck Sunday. I'm first reserve volunteer for Sunday so may get to see you. Maybe I'll get the...
  15. K

    Official Running Thread

    Bugger indeed. Hope you recover in time to get to put that England vest on.
  16. K

    [Albion] Seagulls V Mariners - Memories

    Sunny day at Grimsby. 5 or so pints sunk. Half time asked the non playing Charlie Oatway if it was true he had the QPR team tattooed on his arm. Surprised by the response. Glad he was on the other side of the hoarding.
  17. K

    [Albion] Who's off to Stoke on a cold Tuesday evening?

    Should have recycled your plastic sheet.
  18. K

    Official Running Thread

    Great run. Great disciplined training. That was you're pace at Hove Park Parkrun when we met 3 weeks back. Wish I could keep it up after 5k!
  19. K

    [Cricket] New Zealand vs. England 2nd Test Cello Basin Reserve, Wellington

    I see my mistake. It was a good long blurry night even without alcohol.