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    [Albion] Will Moises Caicedo be a Brighton player when the transfer window SLAMS shut?

    Money talks. They will keep upping it by £5m until an agreement has been made. Hopefully we'll get a lot more than £60m for him
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    [News] School strikes

    I agree. This will open up a whole can of worms regarding taking kids out of school during school time. I do find it funny that my kids schools have a day care system on inset days that you have to pay for. I wonder if they will be cheeky enough to do the same on the strike days. However, I do...
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    [Albion] Legends

    If Bruno & Calde are considered Club legends, then surely Solly is. He has played more games & at a higher level than both. (My opinion)
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    [Music] Partial Bands

    Triggers broom
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    [Music] Partial Bands

    I think what I find funny is when they announce a band with the lead singer & the band........ UB40 featuring Ali Campbell. Whats that all about? Doesn't that count as UB40? Oasis may get back together but it will only be Noel & Liam which doesn't count as back in the mid 90's all of them...
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    [Albion] Albion U21 v Feyenoord U21's - Tues 25th Oct. 7pm KO

    Maybe I'm a tad old School & was under the impression Scouts watched the games rather than collect data.
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    [Albion] Albion U21 v Feyenoord U21's - Tues 25th Oct. 7pm KO

    Antef Tsoungui is pretty solid. They all did well really
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    [Albion] Albion U21 v Feyenoord U21's - Tues 25th Oct. 7pm KO

    Sat next to all the so called "Scouts". They spent most of their time on their phones playing games & on the odd occasion looked up. One was from Man City, not sure about the rest.
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    [Albion] Albion U21 v Feyenoord U21's - Tues 25th Oct. 7pm KO

    How did you get tickets for it?
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    [Football] Would you take beating Potter's Chelsea over Palace this year?

    Who in their right mind would rather see us beat Chelsea over Palace?
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    [Football] Graham Potter - ruthless

    Brilliant post. I was surprised he didn't hang out for the England job. Lets face it, if Southgate doesn't win the World Cup, he'll be gone. So if we were doing as well as we have been doing, he would have become the ultimate candidate. I don't think anyone would have been so upset him going for...
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    [Music] Glastonbury 2022 line up

    Yeah, but when he passes, everyone will be saying "Saw him at Glasto 2022 & he was amazing". Just like everyone saw David Beckham's debut at the Goldstone before he was a household name.
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    [Albion] Leeds United vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Sorry, 10 min trial has expired with Bing Grrrrrr
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    [Albion] Leeds United vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Bing Sport is working guys. Few pop ups but better than nothing
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    [Albion] Anyone sat near some GLUM faces yesterday?

    It wouldn't have surprised me if it had "kicked off" a little. When I passed the away end to go back to my car, there was a Utd fan saying as loud as he could "Worst ground I have ever been to, worst atmosphere and sh1t fans" Obviously very bitter about what he just saw but clearly looking for...
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    [Football] X2 Man U tickets available

    Hi, just posted 2 tickets on the exchange if anyone is looking. East Lower E1G
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    [Albion] Moder Injury

    I was surprised they carried him off rather than a stretcher. Some of the Norwich fans were a disgrace as he was carried past. Why does Football bring out the worst in people?
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    [Football] 1st trip to Wembley?

    Won a Comp back in the early 90's & the prize was to watch an American Football match (London Monarchs) sitting next to Chesney Hawkes. The girls in my class were going nuts. He was pretty shy to be fair but I guess he was only about 19-20 himself.
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    [News] Petrol and diesel £2 per litre by the end of the year?

    I was thinking it could be £2 by the end of the Month at this rate.