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  1. indy3050

    [Finance] Base rate increase.

    I know it’s a very difficult question to answer but has anyone an idea where we might be in 12-18 months time? I am very sorry for those who’s deals are ending here and now, it’s shithouse…
  2. indy3050

    [Finance] Base rate increase.

    It’s comforting to find others in my boat. It’s sinking, we’re all in it.
  3. indy3050

    [Albion] Sanchez handball/red card?

    Exactly the view I had upper west! Amazed we got away with that one!
  4. indy3050

    [Albion] Sanchez handball/red card?

    I was convinced it was outside, absolutely convinced, watching from upper west at the north end. I still can’t believe he got away with it, especially after VAR got involved!
  5. indy3050

    [Brighton] Travel to the stadium

    I vowed YEARS ago I’d never get the train home ever again. I tried the train TO the Amex for the first time in a while for the Newcastle game (first of the season at home?) It was SHITHOUSE. I paid £60!!! for 3 seats on seagulls travel today, just so I knew I’d get there and back on time and in...
  6. indy3050

    [Music] On The Beach

    Going to both 🍻
  7. indy3050

    [Albion] GOAL for Solly March.

    Really? 🥹
  8. indy3050

    [Albion] Leeds was...

    2 dropped. In front twice and missed at least 2 sitters.
  9. indy3050

    [Albion] Standing in the north stand

    I stood up for a decade in the north stand, I now sit in the upper east :)
  10. indy3050

    [Cricket] India v Australia

    88 all out! Wait, no ball 😬
  11. indy3050

    [TV] f*** you, Bush

    Yeah, **** you Bush. Wanker.
  12. indy3050

    [Albion] Moises Caicedo - New contract signed until summer 2027 with 1 year extra option.

    That clown from sky sports has just said Arsenal have come back with £70mill
  13. indy3050

    [Albion] Back the manager

    I could scream for one, should you wish?
  14. indy3050

    [Football] Looks like Frank Lampard has gone....

    Have Everton ACTUALLY released anything yet??
  15. indy3050

    [Albion] Valentín Castellanos

    Adidas really do make lovely kits don’t they!
  16. indy3050

    [Albion] Whoa whoooa whooooaaa roberto de-zerbi..... (song)

    Roberto, Roberto, Roberto.
  17. indy3050

    [Misc] Spare

    Necklace, not bracelet. Details matter.
  18. indy3050

    [Politics] Are your DECCIES down ?

    I returned from a work trip on November the 4th to find she’d put the whole bloody lot up whilst I was away… The poxy tree is still there 🤦🏻‍♂️ I’ve slowly been chipping away at it all since New Year’s Eve…