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    [Albion] Will half time this Saturday need to be extended?

    Will they insist on taking the lid off everyones hand sanitizer bottles too?
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    [Albion] STH. Changing stands, taking my lad in future.

    My sons been a season ticket holder since he was 4, he's 16 now. The highlight in the early days for him was a coke and crisps in the pub pre match and nicking sugar cubes fromt he burger stand at Withdean but every time we scored even then he jumped around and cheered. Now he's a very...
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    [Albion] 47 on a Brighton cap?

    It’s the brand of cap.
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    [Other Sport] AJ v Ruiz Jnr

    Any chance you could send this to me too please Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    [Misc] Best Christmas present you received as a child?

    Such great memories of this bad boy. Sony Walkman Sports
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    [Football] Horsham FC

    I've played on it, and watched Horsham play on it a few times and its absolutely fine. I'm not sure what you are expecting from it, its very similar to a numbe rof other 4G pithes I've played on too. No issues at all. For the level they play at its perfect and having the artificial pitch also...
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    [Technology] Geek help - New Laptop - What Do I Need?

    I've recently bought the latest Macbook Air. It will do everything you need to do and more, I went for the 13 inch screen 256Gb SSD hard disk 8gb memory and it does everythign I need with no drama at all. Think it was about £1200. It replaced a MacbookPro from 2011 thats still going for my Son...
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    [Technology] Merry Christmas everyone!

    As expected very uninspiring new phones. I have a XS from last year and the only incentive is a third camera, a bit extra battery life and a small speed bump. Can't see many going for this unless they ar eupgrading from a much older device.
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    [Albion] Special Super Friends on the Ticket Friend List

    When I renewed my season ticket this year for me and my son, I was able to do it in one transaction because he was listed as strong relaitonship. Previous years I had to pay for the two separately. As far as I can tell thats the only difference.
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    [Albion] Bloom knows he got his timing wrong.

    I think that had we been relegated he may well have stuck with him as CH knows how to get a team promoted from the championship. The fact we stayed up meant he had a tough decision to make and he like many others couldn't face another season of what we have just had to endure so end of the...
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    [Albion] Giving Kompany a Standing Ovation

    Haha it’s all good. See you in August when we will all be full of optimism again.
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    [Albion] Giving Kompany a Standing Ovation

    I am pretty sure I know you and you sit directly behind me and if so it is the angriest I've ever seen you in the whole time we have been sat together at the Amex on Sunday :eek:
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    [Misc] When is next Sunday?

    This It depends which part of the week it is. Sunday, next sunday is the 5th Monday, next sunday is the 5th Tuesday, next sunday is the 5th Wednesday, Thursday debatable. Friday and onwards next sunday is the 12th.
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    [Football] Where is everyone drinking before and after Arsenal

    Looks like there's a micro brewery next to Highbury & Islington tube, might have to check that one out.
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    [Albion] Positives from today?

    Yep. This was my positive today. Got home in record time.
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    [Technology] Bloody Apple ....

    Did you get an error 9? I have this exact problem with my daughters iPhone SE. I ended up buying her a new phone but I am still trying to find a way to fix it. I found some software called Reiboot but to actually fix it they want about £50 for the software.
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    [Albion] This £30 shirt thing

    Thanks. I’ll hang on for the voucher then. Was gonna pop down the shop at the weekend
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    [Albion] This £30 shirt thing

    So on an impulse when buying my Wembley tickets today I clicked to buy a shirt for £30. It came through on the order but no idea how to claim it. Am I gonna receive a voucher in the post or something to use at the club shop? Or do I just take my order confirmation to the shop? Doesn’t say...
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    [Albion] What Wembley seats will you be trying to get?

    I sat in the £45 behind goal seats for an England match and the view is pretty decent from there but you do miss quite a bit of whats happeneing the other end. I'm thinkking £65 behind the goal for atmosphere and decent view.
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    [Albion] Best Ever Away Support at Palace

    I've been to Selhurst twice, the 5-0 loss and the 1-0 McShane game. Atmosphere for the 1-0 McShane game was insane. When we scored I got carried down from the back of the stand to a massive bundle at the bottom of the stairs without my feet touching the ground. Still think it is the best...