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    Litter bins

    Absolutely enjoyed the game last night,against Sheffield Wednesday,just some teething problems as regards finding somewhere other than the floor to discard my unwanted rubbish. I love the stadium,I really do so bearing this in mind,I do not want too throw my rubbish on to the floor,if I could...
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    Travel To Amex

    I wanted too find out if other people like me had a difficult time,trying to explain to southern rail staff,that this season, travel vouchers are not being used,and according to club sources,travel is included on the match ticket,or like me this coming season supposedly on the season ticket...
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    Guinness Pump

    Yes I have asked before,but no serious reply received,so could I ask any chance of having at least one Guinness Pump installed,preferably in Dicks Bar. Yes I understand it is a multi national company,so this might be the stumbling block,to have any pumps installed. Thanking you in advance for...
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    Guinness Pump

    Any chance of getting at least one Guinness pump installed some where in the stadium, i.e in Dicks bar,so it is accessible to majority of fans. Yes I understand it is a slow drink to serve,obviously not ideal for a crowded football stadium,but not every body drinks real ale, bitter or lager. So...
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    Hello I was interested to find out whether the new upper tier of the east stand, would have its own toilet & refreshment facilities Thanking you for your attention to this. s,aubrey.