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    a minutes silence or a minutes applause??

    Clapping and chanting is is great and emotional everyone gets involved it's like a final goodbye it just works in football it seems like the football thing to do. Silence just don't work you will always get a few drunks or someone looking to be an ass they are often ruined by someone.
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    Are Crawley now the club of West Sussex?

    Lived in Crawley for a little while didn't see one Crawley fan just Chelsea and Man U shirts. I've seen Brighton shirts all over Sussex. It is a growing fan base. I have seen quite a few Lewes fans as well quite strange I know as they don't get many watching them. Also lived in Eastbourne and...
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    Were you one of the pathetic fans that left early.If so shame on you.

    Not very good a making points are you. I never said the brighton fans were decent people lol. Try read the post again maybe the second time it might be more clear for you.
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    Were you one of the pathetic fans that left early.If so shame on you.

    I'm talking about palace fans read the post numpty.
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    Were you one of the pathetic fans that left early.If so shame on you.

    vermin palace fans they were lucky they had that the police were giving them preferential treatment. I had one palace fan who was trying to spit at me, dirty fuckers. the atmosphere i agree with a lot of people was not good we used to have shit loads of songs why do we now only sing two songs...
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    Video: North/West Stand Boys, Teams Walking out and more.

    Really well done for this summed up the day brilliantly the bloke with the white beard didn't look to happy did he maybe thought you were making to much noise lol the fans were so loud it was fantastic today.
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    Replica Shirts on grown men

    Don't have a problem with it the football culture casual just don't exist any more regarding fashion so what's the problem?! A football shirt is a a piece of clothing no different to any other shirt what makes a lacoste polo or a fred perry shirt or whatever shirt you wear any better than a...
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    Green and Black away kit **OFFICIAL**

    I think the current mood of optimism is clouding some peoples judgement when it comes to this horrific away kit. I think in a few years people will be thinking clearly, as this has to be one of the worst away kits I've seen in a long, long time.
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    German Police giving Nazi salute at The Goldstone, March 1938

    Yep that Chelsea photo looks like someone has played around with it.
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    Football Manager 2011

    Just started a new game with Brighton. . . not a good start??? went down 2-0 in the first 20 mins to my reserve team [/URL] Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/IMG] Then lost to Barnet at home [/URL] Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/IMG] I need tactics.:lolol:
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    Today's game (Merged) - NOW CALLED OFF

    Ridiculous overreaction! Just get the Orange ball out.
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    Rachel Riley...

    Never seen her look as good as she does today, that dress is see-through!
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    St Pauli v Wolfsburg roll call

    Sounds great. St Pauli is not just about the politics that's a small part of the club/culture it's more about having a good time at the games getting pissed etc. I like St Pauli not for the left wing stuff but because all people are welcome,they have shit loads of English fans that go their...
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    Chris Wood signs

    :laugh: You beat me to it.
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    So Roughly how much will an average Amex Season ticket cost ?

    I'm not a season ticket holder do think I will be able to get a ticket for the first game at Falmer? I'm guessing the tickets will go super fast as shit loads of people want to go to the first game, I have some mates that aren't even Brighton fans and one is a bloody Palace fan and he wants a...
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    Famous Brighton Fans

    I always thought Jamie Theakston was a Man Utd fan. It's quite surprising the lack of celebs that follow us. As quite a lot of celebs live in Brighton. I think they will all jump on the bandwagon when we get big in a few years.
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    Never trust a fart.. (NSFW)

    f***, Poor girl! Is it real? The shit looked a bit green. It's looks like the Yank Big Brother or something.
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    Gareth Bale - Best left sided player in the world??

    Bale is not even hit his peak yet but at the moment I would say Arjen Robben a better left sided winger than Bale.
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    BHA casuals

    Don't have a problem with the small chav element we have As long as it's not Brighton fans fighting other Brighton fans which we have had a few times this season.