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    [Albion] S**t players. S**t manager.

    No need for the abuse, we will never be happy with any manager our supporters need to be realistic ! We are Brighton and although we spent a fair amount we do not have the quality..
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    [Albion] Potter In or Out?

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    [Albion] Leeds United vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    I am just saying how great he is like everyone else does, we are 17th and haven't won a home game for over a year but everyone continues to say how amazing GP is. I wonder why ? 🤔🧐🤐
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    [Albion] Leeds United vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Potter is a great manager look where he has got us
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    [Albion] Potter In or Out

    Well it's looking that way ! But Potter should stay irrespective need to give him a chance... It is harder than you think
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    [Albion] Please Potter

    Huh ??
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    [Albion] Please Potter

    Stick by the manager it will turnaround ! Don't you think we have made progress even if it is a little ?
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    [Albion] Please Potter

    Give the manager a chance we did the same with CH and look where we are ! Everyone wish for better looking football which we now have...
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    [Albion] Potter out poll 29-12-2020

    Cannot keep sacking Managers have to persevere with GP...
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    [Albion] Potter out poll 29-12-2020

    CH played to the teams strengths if GP continues to play expansive football that looks nice we will get relegated. Also there has been investment, our first two seasons we relied on Glenn Murray! We have better strikers now...
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    [Albion] Next Brighton Manager?

    HMMM I don't think he did better he finished in the same position as CH in his 1st season. Let's see what happens this season hopefully things improve!
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    [Albion] At what point should Potter be sacked?

    You asked for CH to be sacked the same way. Cannot keeping on sacking we have to give managers time although we have spent loads and have made no progress other than better looking football, in fact results wise we have gone backwards...
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    [Albion] Potter out poll 29-12-2020

    Come leaps and bounds Looooooooooool the biggest joke I have heard look at the numbers they do not lie!
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    [Albion] Potter in or out

    Yes obviously because you all got it wrong blaming Hughton! He should have been given till the first few games of the season at least. The way he was rid off was disgusting, he did so much for us. And then we employ Potter and give him 6 a year contract after 4 wins, it is bizzare. Maybe it...
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    [Albion] Who IS to BLAME?

    Hughton LooooooooL hilarious
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    [Albion] Norwich Away

    Let's blame Chris Hughton Lol
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    [Albion] Watford 2 Liverpool 0

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    [Football] Sami hypia all over again

    Hmmm someone must have casted a spell on TB to give Potter a 6 year contract. Maybe you are the witch...
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    [Albion] Still keeping the faith with Potter?

    Why wasn't Hughton backed properly? They gave Potter a 6 year contract for what reason?
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    [Albion] Still keeping the faith with Potter?

    Let's hope everyone starts to realise that, the interesting thing is that the squad is the best it ever has been but is still not good enough