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    Score Predictions vs Southend

    Southend 2 Brighton 2. Revell coming off the bench to score against us.
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    Any accountants out there?

    My daughter did a degree and then her 3 years training with Deloitte Touche. They came to the university in the autumn of her third year and made her an offer of employment dependant on her final degree mark.
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    REMF Raffle

    Last year Don Madgwick, who is the equivalent of Tim Carder (historian) gave me a Palace (yuk) book called Hy on Palace. It is mainly pictures (which you would expect for a Palace related book) - photography of matches for their centenary. I've kept it to donate for this year's REMF.
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    Joel Lynch

    So the whole team lost because one player used a cash machine? I've read some stuff on Nsc but this really takes the biscuit. :jester:
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    Joel Lynch

    Sheebo, he wasn't drinking a pint. He was in an area where he was allowed to go as pointed out by Race.
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    season ticket

    That's why I'm glad I have an August birthday right at the start of the season.
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    Hi guys

    It's going to be an interesting game as most of our defenders aren't fit. Lynch is injured, Guy is still getting over a virus, Hart's out for the rest of the season, Fogden is out on loan and Richards still not fit yet.
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    Joel Lynch

    Is this scraping the barrel in player criticism?
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    Barnsley & the Seagulls

    Smith didn't shoot wide either. Bailey saved the shot with his legs.
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    E mails to the club

    You are Arthur and I claim my £5.
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    E mails to the club

    I've found that I get a reply if I name the person ie paul.camillin or martin.perry rather than the generic seagulls@bhafc.co.uk
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    Brightonbear - where are you?

    I don't think it is a player but a club employee.
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    Private house sale snubbing Estate Agent

    Thanks. That did cross my mind after I posted.
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    Private house sale snubbing Estate Agent

    After next week, the three months is up. How will the estate agents know who has bought the house? If these people wait a week are they ok?
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    Most Shameful Display Since Stoke At Home Under McGhee

    The Sports Argus said that Dean White was ill.
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    Private house sale snubbing Estate Agent

    Has he finished his three month contract yet?
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    Vale could be relegated this weekend

    Have you paid up yet? :drink:
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    Glenn Murray's disallowed goal...

    One match report says disallowed for pushing.
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    Champagne what a load of bollox by the French

    Thanks. I didn't know that. You learn something new every day.
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    BBC SCR fans phone-in Sat 05th April

    Nowhere did I say Roz was picking on me. I misunderstood the gist of her post and if I've caused misunderstanding then I'm sorry.