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    [Albion] When you’ve been in the wrong end and had to keep quiet!

    Ibrox early 70's,now this was before segragation came in,so it wasn't strictly the Hun end but it was.Think it was the Copeland Road end.The idea was Hibees stand at this end,Huns everywhere else.It would be my first time at Castle Greyskull,with my dad and elder brother.We had got there early...
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    [Misc] What Book are you Currently Reading?

    'Nation States Consciousness and Competition' by Neil Davidson.Neil Davidson was a mate of mine.We spent more than 25 years together in the SWP,we both left, along with many others round about 2013 the Central Commitee's covering up of a rape crisis within the party being the straw that broke...
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    [Music] Best LIVE band?

    Took until post 24 to see it was bands that are still alive and touring, because I was going to say Duke Ellington at the Usher Hall in 73,the Clash the White Riot Tour in 77 and the Cocteau Twins supporting the Birthday Party the Nite Club Edinburgh early 80's.Recently I have been to see the...
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    [News] Snp government and the return of fans.

    I'm not altogether certain the SNP leadership want a referendom any time soon,especially not if your a Sturgeon watcher.My opinion is she's quite happy with her position as top dog in Scotland.It's a cushy wee number and as long as you're not as big an arse as Bozo the clown your guarenteed a...
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    [News] Snp government and the return of fans.

    It's political savvy on behalf of Sturgeon.It was a sensible move to close us down,a) because in spite of all the rumours of Omricon being 'mild' it's still seeing our hospitals overun and a fair number of deaths.But Sturgeon's expediancy has much to do both with sporting fixtures and with the...
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    [Football] 'Ammers v Canaries

    Hibs have just got this big defender from Norwich,Rocky Bashiri.Hopefully Sean Maloney knows a player coming in from Belguim;,but if this guy isn't getting his game at Norwich it has me worried.
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    [Brighton] Mac Allister - why isn't he playing more?

    Because it's quarter past 9 on a Tuesday.
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    [Albion] Can we please all pronounce Mac Allister as Mac Al eeeesta!

    'Mac' 'allis' 'terr' mind you if you ever watched Sportscene in the 90's Franck Sauzee was pronounced Soozy,Saucy,Suzzy all by the same commentator in the same game.Here's a thought ask the player how it's pronounced.
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    [Football] FourFourTwo Ranks the 100 best football stadium in Britain

    How Ibrox gets no.1 spot is unbelievable. 'Atmosphere' if atmosphere is being cramped up in one corner with the upper tiers pouring piss,soup, bovril and coffee down at you.With being subjected to-"We're up to our knees in Fenian Blood ,Surrender or you'll die' being one of their little...
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    [Football] Glasgow Rangers appoint new manager

    "His name is Geo and he rocks the Ibrox Stands,He hates the Pope the Ira and Bobby Sands.How's your Orange celebration going Gio?Bought a heap of Dutch kits to wear and Orange flares to let off.Just a pity we pumped you 3-1.GIRFUY!Hun ********!
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    [Football] That 'Special Relationship' you had with the Hibees

    Hope John McGinn breaks your heart on Saturday.
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    [Football] That 'Special Relationship' you had with the Hibees

    Our CEO Ben Kensall has admitted that 'it's a dead duck. **** all happened.You leant players to the Sheep and to the Jambos and ****all happened with Hibs.What a waste of time.
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    [Music] The Infinite Jukebox

    The Rain In Spain,-Audrey Hepburn,Rex Harrison,Charles Haughtrey(I think) and the cast of My Fair Lady.
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    [Politics] Cabinet reshuffle under way...

    The only shuffle I'd be interested in the Tories doing would be 'Off their mortal coil'
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    [Football] Brothers that play Fitba'

    It may not have caught your attention but Paul McGinn has been called up to the Scotland squad as cover for injuries,Covid etc.It may be that he faces Austria tonight alongside his brother John.I can think of two other famous brother couples,the Laudrups and the Nevilles. My first ever game was...
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    [NSC] Worst albion player you can remember

    Dirty Dirk, the porn star only gets one mention, so he couldnae have been that bad for you.Read the FA tried to ban him,cause he woudnae take his earrings oot?
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    What do we do about Ireland/NI, Tariff Free deal and Fishing

    I don't see why a united Ireland should be a long drawn out affair.Revolutions are usually over quite quickly.
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    [Albion] Odsonne Édouard

    I s that all you've got? A comment about spacing? Mikel Arteta Henrik Larsson, Torre Andre Flo, David Laudrup, Dion Dublin, Chris Sutton, Didier Agathe, Frank Sauzee, Ulysses De La Cruz , Joe Baker, have all graced the Scottish game with their pressence.None of them...
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    [Albion] Odsonne Édouard

    A league that has produced a European cup, a Cup Winners Cup,success in the Uefa Cup,players such as Dalgleish,McGinn,Baker,Ormond,Reilly,Smith,Johnstone,Johnstone,Turnbill,Cormack,Jordan,Strachan,Marinello,Bremner,Collins,Goram,Leighton,the Lisbon...