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    [Misc] Phrases you hate people saying

    Back in the day (what, you mean around breakfast time ?)
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    [Football] CL / EL and that sort of shite

    Is there a Brighton "Champions League" team in action this week ? Ryan, Cucurella, Goldson, Tomori, Bernardo, Bissouma,...... Manager: Potter
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    [Albion] Maty Ryan

    The clown wins it
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    [Football] World Cup 2022 playoff

    Mitoma twice - with a Maty Ryan howler too
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    [Albion] Unashamed nostalgia of 49 and a half years ago

    49 and a half years ago Brighton were promoted to the old division two - and for all the pretendances at the Amex, the figure officially stated at the Goldstone that night was a record breaking 34,766 joining the party against Rochdale. I was in my mid-teens and standing behind the goal in the...
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    [Albion] Liverpool vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Short answer yes - I felt there were so many football tourists in the crowd around the stadium - no idea where they get their tickets from. The bulk of the home fans felt like people just expecting a win (as much as I was just expecting a defeat) and there was a moment in the second half when...
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    [Football] Premier League Clubs REALLY pissed off with Saudi takeoi

    Amazing how some of these clubs have developed some morals all of a sudden, when the boot is on the other foot. I dimly recall a moment a few months ago, when 6 of these clubs were offered dream sums of money to up sticks and join some bankrolled European Super League. Only when their own...
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    [Football] England given one-match stadium ban

    The points you make are not inconsequential - and I agree that all major tournaments have at least double rings of security. (Celtic's UEFA Cup Final in Seville in 2003 had the security plan changed several times on the day). The issue I'm highlighting is that UEFA / The FA / the local...
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    [Football] England given one-match stadium ban

    Not correct. UEFA has an army of people with absolute power to overrule the local organiser - and even more so for the Final - plus the UEFA HQ for the tournament (with real numbers of proper hierarchy) was physically based at Wembley. I'm very well aware of the dynamics of the organisation...
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    [Football] England given one-match stadium ban

    The irony of this decision of course is that UEFA themselves take control of the stadium and the organisational issues for every game - with a team of UEFA appointed people to control everything from brand protection, ambush marketing, broadcast access, security and match organisation. Still...
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    [Football] Saudi consortium to take over Newcastle

    Maybe it's only me, but I thought the body language of the Staveley woman looked a little like a pretentious 5 year-old at her birthday party. It didn't look like someone considering very carefully the onerous task of throwing someone else's money at a basket case football club. I dislike...
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    [Albion] Good Morning? 4th in the table!

    Yeah right - when was the last time we beat City ?
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    [Albion] Premier League 16-18/10

    And Ranieri's still in a job - what's going on at Watford - probably get sacked by half-time.
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    [Albion] How gutted would you be if GP went to Newcastle?

    Won't ever happen - but you could write a great six part TV series on the likely story. GPott opens episode 1 by knocking on the door of the synagogue to tell TB I'm off to work for that lot in Geordieland - run by the odd looking lady who is not at all controlled (Premier League have legal...
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    [Football] Saudi consortium to take over Newcastle

    And Trevor Birch would know - being the CEO at Chelsea who helped engineer the arrival of Abramovich.
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    [Football] Jimmy Greaves RIP

    RIP Jim - you'll remain a legend
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    [Albion] Negatives from today?

    James Maddison - what a little pr.ck that guy is - sneaking up behind Maupay just as he was waiting to take the penalty and whispering something snide in his ear. Schmeichel jabbing his finger at the linesman who confirmed the penalty - not once, not twice, but clearly too many times for it to...
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    [Humour] Apparently, Liverpool fans are singing 'F@*k the tories' at the Milan match tonight.

    Is that the same Liverpool where the city council are/were institutionally corrupt ? Is that what they are upset about ?
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    [Albion] Izquierdo - what’s going on?

    Izquierdo doubtful for tonight's Champions League game against PSG (knee)
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    [Football] Argentina v Brazil......

    As I understand it, the Premier League decreed that no players should travel to red list countries. Spurs and Villa thought better of that. Brazil no doubt miffed their English based players couldn't travel - found a reason to ban those from Argentina. It's a total mess - with FIFA also...