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    [Albion] Anyone else considering cancelling their ST's?

    No! I live in Birmingham can't really afford to get to games now due to petrol cost I also now have to work 5 days a week whereas I had 4 on 4 off for 16 years so recovery time from the journey is shorter. However my seat is, I think, one of the best in the stadium and if I gave it up I would...
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    [Technology] Are you featured on the internet?

    Thankfully largely focuses on the images I have taken and not direct images of me, but then I don't use images of me on social media profiles. The only images of me are at my wedding. Have found out the Brighton and Hove independent likes using my photos though.
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    [Albion] North Stand N1E view.

    My seat is in N1E row O directly in the middle of the goal view for me is fantastic http://www.sts.albionalbum.co.uk/2016/LSTS2016-0029.shtml
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    [Other Sport] Tony Bloom's horses running thread

    Has run like Locadia this season let us, like Locadia, hope for better today :)
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    [Offers] Wolverhampton FCs most famous supporter...

    Tell you what Robert Plant has changed!
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    [Albion] Looking like a poor turnout at Newcastle

    Working nights and can't book holiday due to others being on holiday already and I have packed my binoculars away which would be needed to see the pitch from where the away fans are located.
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    [Albion] Not at the match tonight....what's you're excuse?

    Could not get any overtime at work this year due to penny pinching bosses so have had to take the pragmatic step of not investing 10 hours and 50 - 60 quid in fuel to watch a home game which I can watch for free at home (free in the fact I either watch an illegal stream or use my sons SkyGo...
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    [Help] I have caught a Cold - how?

    I have a cold but then I was forced to go to the Dr's to start off my diabetes checks (forced because I don't believe it is necessary and would prefer to only go when I think it is but I have to go to get the prescriptions I need renewed!) I always get a cold when I go to the Dr's thanks to all...
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    [Technology] VPN is it beneficial

    You should find that Opera VPN has now stopped working after the agreement with the VPN company came to an end mine just came up with "there has been a problem" so have had to go back to Opera Browser on my laptop and VPN on that if using a mobile then Opera Mini (another opera browser) is also...
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    [Football] Is this the beginning of the end for sky sports?

    Would you be banned from making a cup of tea at half time?
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    [Help] Advice required - Dating a “Lateral thinker”

    Sounds like any relationship with any female ever too me!
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    [Drinking] Giving up drinking

    Not had any alcoholic drinks since 1982 (ish) never missed it had a belly full of people thinking I am anti-social because I don't join it and it can be a bit of a bugger putting up with the shenanigans when you're the only sober one around. Good luck.
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    Kodi streams

    Easiest way around it with a browser is Opera which has a built in VPN on a mobile you have the browser Opera Mini which goes through servers in Canada or Opera VPN all of which is free.
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    [Technology] Compact cameras of the point and shoot variety

    See above it is the TZ90 although this is a bit pricey when the TZ70 can be a relative bargain my first Lumix was a TZ10 followed by a TZ20 (lost or stolen) then a TZ 40 followed by a TZ 60 (sat on and broken still sitting on my desk waiting for me to repair it) then a TZ70.
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    [Technology] Compact cameras of the point and shoot variety

    I currently use a TZ70 for the album has more than point and shoot capabilities but is also very suitable for the happy snapper. I paid a lot more than that when it first came out BTW even the TZ80 is old hat now as there is a TZ90 (not sure what they are going to do next the TZ100 and the TZ200...
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    [News] 'John Lewis staff bonus cut again'

    Yes it always struck me as a very strange offer and one the local coffee shops hate immensely great offer though if the Waitrose has a cafe.
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    [News] 'John Lewis staff bonus cut again'

    But what if I pop in to see what they have can't have a free cup then if they don't have anything I want to buy it used to be an incentive to just pop in and see don't have this anymore. It was more the free coffee and cake at JL though which meant my wife went into JL I had to plan half a day...
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    [News] 'John Lewis staff bonus cut again'

    Serves them right for getting stingy with the free coffee and cake (or just coffee in Waitrose) no reason to just pop in now have to be going past having said that been in two Waitrose's today.
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    [Albion] Atmosphere in the north stand today

    Too many not in the right place left everyone a bit discombobulated! People actually sat down in the centre of the North Stand!
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    [Travel] Driving to Stoke

    They did not seem to be doing much too it when I went past it on the way down last week went back via the A24 which added 20 mins to the journey (partially because I had to go slower having no idea where I was going and following google and my in car sat nav at the same time) but the distance...