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  1. ShandyH

    [Football] Premier League Clubs use of private jets

    One person saying there’s no difference between the various transport modes? Have you ever been on a coach for 5-6 hours? I understand the impact on the environment. But what about the 31,650 fans arriving at our stadium? So what about the 78,000 fans arriving at Old Trafford? Are we...
  2. ShandyH

    [Football] Premier League Clubs use of private jets

    So the physical conditioning expert is saying that a team stepping off a 45 minute flight would be equally ready to play versus a bus journey to Manchester?
  3. ShandyH

    [Football] Premier League Clubs use of private jets

    I agree that it’s a cursory nod. In a theoretical world, this would be lovely but Man Utd are not going to take a 5-6 hour coach ride to Brighton. So why should we to Old Trafford? The Premier League’s huge appeal worldwide was sewn by the BBC World Service. The budgets have followed and we...
  4. ShandyH

    [Albion] Levi Colwill

    Chelsea have a tradition of munching through players and managers. Player-wise the releases of Courtois, Lukaku, De Bruyne, Sala are four incredibly expensive and bad decisions in hindsight but at that time they wanted the perfect player NOW. Equally, they’ve unearthed absolute gems in Lampard...
  5. ShandyH

    [Albion] FA Cup Semi-Final v Man Utd

    Thanks Bozza, that's really helpful.
  6. ShandyH

    [Albion] FA Cup Semi-Final v Man Utd

    I’m a STH but have started taking my kids who are Albion+ members. Question is: do I miss STH access and risk waiting for tickets to become available for Albion+ so I can bring them along? They’d love it.
  7. ShandyH

    [Albion] What a week for Tony Bloom

    Ferguson reminds me of Kane. He’s also a lot better than Kane was when he was 18. Kane was on loan at Leyton Orient at the same age. He’s probably our most valuable player. Whoever buys him will potentially be buying a world class striker for well over a decade. But the really big clubs may wait...
  8. ShandyH

    [Albion] Simple straw poll: New Home Shirt - YAY/NAY ?

    Does everyone still hate it or, after the early shock and success on the pitch, is it a seminal kit? With the white shorts I think it’s superb. It’s a TV graphic version of the blue and white stripes.
  9. ShandyH

    [Football] How big is Mitoma back in Japan

    The gathering for the players’ exit on Wednesday was very, very busy with Japanese fans. I think he’s on his way up in the world. He’s a proper talent. Brighton games are now on the telly in Japan a lot. I know this because both my brother-in-law (Tokyo) and a mate of mine (Osaka) live there...
  10. ShandyH

    [Albion] England Squad announcement shortly

    Eric Dier, Connor Coady and Harry Maguire ahead of Lewis Dunk, Levi Colwill and Fikayo Tomori? He may have created a happy workplace for the players but, tactically, he’s a moron.
  11. ShandyH

    [Finance] Divorce

    Only winners are the lawyers. If you’ve made mistakes, accept the court decision. It’s very well established law. Life is way, way too short to let any decision like this consume your thinking. Make things emotionally workable and the decisions you might feel target you will become less all...
  12. ShandyH

    [Albion] FA Cup quarter final v Grimsby Sun 19th March 2.15

    Huge away support for a Sunday afternoon. They’re a good team. Do NOT underestimate them. They will work their socks off. Wembley is history making for either club.
  13. ShandyH

    [News] Junior Doctors

    Have they misread the room?
  14. ShandyH

    [News] Junior Doctors

    RPI is a much better measure than CPI which is the one where they swap out steaks for burgers as an equivalent. It is brutal work, there’s no doubt about that but a £60k annual pension and the earning potential from consultancy means a demand of 35%, compared to nurses, or anyone, could look a...
  15. ShandyH

    [News] Junior Doctors

    Are junior doctors being reasonable asking for a 35% pay rise?
  16. ShandyH

    [Football] Gary Lineker to step back from presenting MOTD

    Didn’t know about the David Attenborough thing. What documentary? But to generalise the BBC as biased when it is trying to do everything in its power to remain impartial in a world of flippant, polarised bullshit on social media in order to protect its future, is incorrect. The BBC must remain...
  17. ShandyH

    [Football] Gary Lineker to step back from presenting MOTD

    I appreciate he has a strong opinion on this but he knows the rules. He’s a bright guy so what’s incredibly frustrating is him providing ammunition for the dismantling of the BBC by being glibly gregarious on a matter best dealt with by the BBC’s excellent news programmes. The BBC’s relatively...
  18. ShandyH

    [Albion] Hajimemashite

    日本のファンはブライトンに新たに加わった素晴らしいメンバーです Means Japanese fans are a wonderful new addition to our club. ……according to Google.