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    [Albion] England Squad announcement shortly

    The ship has sailed with Dunk now. Total travesty, really feel for him. Should have been on 50 caps plus, better than Tony Adam's was, but clearly nothing more he can or could have done except for moving clubs
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    [Misc] Levelling Up Fund - £9.5 million for HOVE!!

    Wouldnt happen in Germany
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    [Albion] Sack Roberto De Zerbi

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    [Humour] I Really Don’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

    Vladamir John Lenin
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    [Humour] I Really Don’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

    Jeremy Corbyn Crosby
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    [Offers] Save 5% On Supermarket Shopping When Paying With Nationwide Debit Card.

    Icelands 5% bonus card takes some beating, plus do free home delivery. Tesco club card, I always use the x 3 and turn 9 pound or so of vouchers into 27 pound of cineworld spend. Get 3 or 4 films a year with the kids for that
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    [Finance] Man City accused of breaking EPL financial rules

    f***ing cheats, should be relegated, and kicked out of Europe. If those things dont happen, all the other prem teams should refuse to put a team out against them. You wouldn't play against a team who were all knowingly on performance enhancing drugs, why should anyone be expected to play...
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    [Other Sport] LadBaby

    Well I like them, and dragging in martin lewis and raise decent money for food banks makes them alright in my book.
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    [News] Charging guests for Christmas dinner

    Bet she makes the guests wash up too
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    [News] Charging guests for Christmas dinner

    Charging your grandkids 2.50 is particularly weird. Dont host it if you cant afford it.
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    [Football] Christmas dinner in a cup

    Guaranteed to end in sprout luzzing
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    [News] Boris Becker Released

    Early release for ace behaviour
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    [Football] Southgate - go or stay?

    Should he go or stay? "Yes" I guess should be the answer
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    [Football] Southgate - go or stay?

    Stay. Didnt vote cos the question doesnt make sense
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    [Misc] Santa

    Feel sorry for that kid. They will be the odd one out at school, probably telling the other kids, along with how babys are made, tooth fairy isnt real, there is no god or whatever else mother believes. 4 yr old ffs. Probably so she doesnt have to shell out on presents
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    [Brighton] Living in a flat

    White Noise would be a great name for a gabba DJ or Thrash Metal band. That could really f*** with someone's sleep
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    [Football] Qatar v Ecuador

    Makes no sense, everyone seems at least a yard or two onside
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    [Football] How disgusting can you get?

    Piss take