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  1. Nibbler

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Crystal Palace *** Official Match Thread ***

    Yes I checked and it's still valid. It will be worth the wait.
  2. Nibbler

    [Albion] ** BHA v Crystal Palace ** - Score Predictor - Now in it’s 12th SEASON !!

    1 - 0 Surely it's about time we actually won a game against Palace. They are turning into our bogey team.
  3. Nibbler

    [Albion] ** Leeds v BHA ** - Premier League Score Predictor - Now in it's 12th SEASON !!

    1-3 win for the albion. Still waiting for my first correct prediction of the season but have a good feeling about this one.
  4. Nibbler

    [Albion] ** Stoke v BHA ** - 5th Round FA Cup Score Predictor - Now in it's 12th SEASON !!

    I would love to sail through this round but expecting a tough 1-1 draw. I hope they have been practising pens.
  5. Nibbler

    [Albion] Would you have Potter back?

    Would sooner take back Shamima Begum. He's made his £12m bed, now he's got to lie in it.
  6. Nibbler

    [Albion] ** BHA v Fulham ** - Premier League Score Predictor - Now in it's 12th SEASON !!

    Think we will just edge it with a 1-0 win
  7. Nibbler

    [Albion] ** Crystal Palace v BHA ** - Premier League Score Predictor - Now in it's 12th SEASON !!

    We really should be beating teams like Palace. I was thinking 0-3 but factoring in their luck I have revised it down to 1-2.
  8. Nibbler

    [Misc] Flick Knives

    Carrying them into the i360 or Harry Potter World is not 'good reason' I have discovered to my cost. Security were concerned I may run amok in Gringott's Bank with my one inch locked blade and it was duly confiscated. If I buy a third one I must remember not to take it anywhere with security.
  9. Nibbler

    [Albion] FA Cup 4th round ticket sales

    I have A+ membership but it's not allowing me to buy for two guests (both with fan numbers). Puzzling.
  10. Nibbler

    [Albion] Mitoma

    Owned by just 0.8% of Fantasy managers but people are starting to notice him. https://www.premierleague.com/video/single/3017827
  11. Nibbler

    [Misc] How can the NHS survive in its current form ?

    The NHS cannot be run on the funds the government is willing to give, and that's without a substantial pay rise for staff (which must happen). The only way to make it work is to dramatically scale back the services it offers. For example: Free: GPs for everybody Support for children, disabled...
  12. Nibbler

    [Albion] 5 thrashings in the last PL 21 games...

    I think we're due to give Palace a good thrashing (whenever it is re-scheduled). 5-0 would be nice.
  13. Nibbler

    [Albion] ** Southampton v BHA ** - Premier League Score Predictor - Now in its 12th SEASON !!

    Saints sitting in the bottom three and a new manager who is ex-Brighton. The signs aren't good. 1-0 to our friends along the coast.
  14. Nibbler

    [Football] Who’s not watching the World Cup?

    I will certainly be watching the group B games and following the progress of any teams with Albion players. I cannot bear the tedious christmas buildup we get on TV every year so this will be a very welcome distraction. I acknowledge that there are moral issues at play which have been...
  15. Nibbler

    [Albion] ** BHA v Tottenham ** - Premier League Score Predictor - Now in it's 12th SEASON !!

    There will be lots of confidence in the side after the Liverpool game so looking forward to more of the same. Kane will inevitably get one, so I'll go with Albion 3 Tottyham 1
  16. Nibbler

    [Politics] Russia invades Ukraine (24/02/2022)

    Well rather incredibly, North Korea has more submarines than any other nation. Just sayin'. https://armedforces.eu/navy/ranking_submarines