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  1. Mr Bridger

    [Albion] Matvienko

  2. Mr Bridger

    [Football] Conte WOW

    Hopefully Levy would avoid Italians from now on.
  3. Mr Bridger

    [Music] What's the best song you have heard today? Share it here.

    In preparation for going to see them next week and a doff of the cap to our black clad travelling dillbury’s tonight.
  4. Mr Bridger

    Gary glitter found guilty

    Hello hello he’s got to back.
  5. Mr Bridger

    [Albion] IF we qualify for Europe...

    Can we stop all this talk about Europe, it’s freaking me out. Let’s just concentrate on beating the Fish on Sunday.
  6. Mr Bridger

    [Technology] Torrents on iPhone

    Now, like all real life experience stories, this also begins once a polly tito, and Happiness Stan, whose life evolved the ephemeral colour dreamy most, and his deep joy in this being the multicolour of the moon. Oh yes. His home a victoriana charibold, the four-wheel folloped ft-ft-ft out the...
  7. Mr Bridger

    [Music] Ren - the most-talented Brighton-based artist since...?

    kitchen maker as his day job apparently.
  8. Mr Bridger

    [Albion] 40 years ago today, that Jimmy Case goal v Naaaarwich.

    Was at the top of the north stand that day, was impressed with the amount of Norwich next to us. Great surge when we scored. One of the programmes that have survived my programme Cull.
  9. Mr Bridger

    [Albion] Homophobic Chanting

    Some decent Leeds fans calling it out.
  10. Mr Bridger

    [Albion] Hajimemashite

    Lot of expletives since this Japanese firm has turned up.
  11. Mr Bridger

    [Albion] Leeds United - away

    What route is that, via Nottingham?
  12. Mr Bridger

    [Albion] 26 years ago today - Albion 4, Leyton Orient 4

    South stand that day for some reason. Usually went in the north. Blows my mind when I look at these games now, how shit we were and just look at us now. Hope this is not all a dream.
  13. Mr Bridger

    [Film] From Palace to Porn

  14. Mr Bridger

    [Albion] Ticket Exchange on NSC?

    For Cat A games I think they sell for £120, not sure for B & C. I get back £57 per ticket if sold.