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  1. Albion Robster

    [Albion] New Brighton mural in Hove (In Progress)

    That white background won't last long with all the resident tag rats who will deface it. No doubt local Palarse fans will take their crayons to it as well.
  2. Albion Robster

    [Albion] England Squad announcement shortly

    The ex Palarse prick STILL has an agenda against Brighton & Hove Albion. Just pathetic from him. Or have The FA not forgiven us for taking Ashworth from away from the national set up. Feel sorry for Solly.
  3. Albion Robster

    [Albion] Manuel Locatelli - the BIG target for the summer

    Make us dream Swanny. No question he is a baller. The RDZ factor could attract him to little ole Brighton but we need to playing European football as a bare minimum.
  4. Albion Robster

    [Music] Ren - the most-talented Brighton-based artist since...?

    Great thread and well done for bringing the attention of a very talented local music artist. I only discovered Ren a couple of weeks when somebody posted his cover of Bitter Sweet Symphony on Instagram - very clever and upto date cover. Such a shame he was on the verge of making it big with the...
  5. Albion Robster

    [Football] Gary Lineker to step back from presenting MOTD

    What a snowflake society we now live in. If Alex Scott gets the MOTD job, then I'll be leaving this country in protest. The woman has zero presenting skills and very limited football intelligence as well.
  6. Albion Robster

    [Music] Fat Boy Slim remix

    Bangerz!! Thanks for sharing.
  7. Albion Robster

    [Other Sport] Fury vs Usyk

    Is Usyk really a heavyweight fighter? Just looks a real missmatch in weights...in my limited Boxing knowledge.
  8. Albion Robster

    [Albion] Andi Zeqiri (Now Signed)

    Or a back up wingback?! Can't believe that Glow Up Idiot played him at wingback in one game....think it was Sheff United when he came on as substitute.
  9. Albion Robster

    [Albion] Notts Forrest away ticket details

    Very good point. I can't imagine how much our Japanese and South American fans pay through secondary ticket sites to see the countrymen play in the World's biggest league. £30 for a ticket is insane value.
  10. Albion Robster

    [Albion] All the players who left in the GP era - how did it go?

    Superb thread. Christ, we’ve shifted a lot of players whilst in the Premier League?! Remember watching Ben Barclay play alongside Ben White for the U21’s and he looked the better one of the two, goes to show players develop at different rates to others, whilst some others seize the...
  11. Albion Robster

    [Albion] FA Cup quarter final v Grimsby Sun 19th March 2.15

    I would recommend getting in here: https://thekingandqueen.co.uk/ Big venue and loads of TV screens showing sport all day. Beer garden outside as well.
  12. Albion Robster

    [Albion] De Zerbi is *The One*

    We need to keep this De Zerbi fella under the radar.
  13. Albion Robster

    [Football] Paul Nevin.

    Or was just the way he went about it. Didnt bother to tell his 'trusted' friend Hughton he was taking another job with a 'rival' club in the same division. Just snakey behaivour imho.
  14. Albion Robster

    [Albion] Mitoma cam

    The telepathy between Pervis and Mitoma is something else, Karou was back to his best on Saturday as he had Pervis back with him. Not seen a better partnership on one side since (Snake) Bruno and Knockeart.
  15. Albion Robster

    [Football] Paul Nevin.

    What's the Scottish Snake Calderwood upto these days?! Doubt he's progressed since he left us.
  16. Albion Robster

    [Albion] Who's off to Stoke on a cold Tuesday evening?

    Stoke loyalty points have been added. 15 LARGE ones for those diehards who did Stoke on a Tuesday night.
  17. Albion Robster

    [Albion] Fannying about at the back

    Steele is much better with the ball at his feet than Sanchez. Looks very comfortable and confident playing DeZerbiBall in the 18 yard box.
  18. Albion Robster

    [Albion] Facundo Buonanotte - SIGNED for 1.8 billion pesos

    What a rise for young Buonanotte!
  19. Albion Robster

    [Albion] Team News for West ham

    Is Gilmour fit? Wasnt on the bench against Stoke midweek. Is he still carrying an injury?
  20. Albion Robster

    [Albion] Bournemouth, Spurs & Chelsea away tickets

    Just a load of rubbish, where have they not loaded the upper tier tickets for Stamford Bridge!? Like @Quinney says, no loyalty or reward for the top point holders.