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    [News] Roald Dahl being updated for modern times

    ...as long as it does involve any sort of criticism of the government of course
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    [Albion] FA Cup 4th round ticket sales

    Has there ever been a player with a worse final ball than Traore? It's unbelievable the number of good positions he wastes
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    [Albion] Song for Karou Mitoma (I need your help)

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    [Football] MOTD - 22:30 BBC One

    The Souness comments
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    [Football] MOTD - 22:30 BBC One

    Really odd this, from the highlights they've picked you'd think Liverpool had most of the chances
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    [NSC] Premier League 12-15/1/23

    Exactly this - have they changed the rule? I'm sure it used to state that the act of merely moving toward the ball was enough to become "active", but that wording no longer seems to be in the rulebook
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    [Football] Everton - Board of Directors

    Same fans that protested for Lampard to become manager, when the board wanted to appoint someone else. The level of hysteria is ridiculous, talking about their club dying! Yes, they might get relegated, just like 3 teams do every single season. They really need to get some perspective...
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    [Misc] Speedsums

    𝙨𝙥𝙚𝙚𝙙𝙨𝙪𝙢𝙨 🎯 score: 𝟮𝟱 📊 you beat 𝟴𝟱.𝟳% of people 🐌 slowest question: 𝟲𝘅𝟰=𝟮𝟰 took 𝟮.𝟬𝟴𝙨 🔗 link: speedsums.com On my phone - the fraction of a second delay because the keypad doesn't appear until you select the answer box is slightly irritating!
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    [Albion] Julian Ryerson

    Well... yeah, that's basically what I said ??? All I really meant was these links are even more likely to be agent-fuelled nonsense than ever before, because people know that mentioning our name will spark further interest.
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    [Albion] Julian Ryerson

    Trouble is, our scouting reputation seems to have reached a point where any agent with half a brain cell is going to let it be known that we're interested in their player, as a shortcut to get the attention of the 'big' clubs. Suspect we are going to get linked with a lot of names this month
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    [Football] Crawley Town no longer officially exist

    Having just sold their striker to relegation rivals Gillingham. Very strange.
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    [Food] Yorkshire Pudding.

    Apologies, I was kept up most of the night by an excited child, and have clearly got up on the wrong side of bed. I should know better than to post when grumpy!
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    [Food] Yorkshire Pudding.

    Yorkshire pudding is appropriate with any meal, any time. Happy Christmas everyone, hope you get whatever you want for dinner Edited cos I'm an arse.
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    [TV] BBC Sports Personality Of The Year . . . Beth Mead.

    OP is on a wind up surely? Player of the tournament and golden boot winner in the first win in a proper international tournament (with all due respect to La Tournoi) in more than half a century. Of course she was a deserving winner.
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    [TV] BBC Sports Personality Of The Year . . . Beth Mead.

    She won the the golden boot and player of the tournament in winning the European Championships.
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    [News] Roll Up! Roll Up! Anyone Else Want To Go On Strike?

    But they've been claiming there's nothing left in the pot for 12 years. Despite that, there has been enough in the pot for furlough, hs2, handing out lucrative ppe contracts to their mates, the festival of brexit, restoring the Palace of Westminster, not to mention the millions MPs claim on...
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    [Politics] PPE contracts

    Looks like were at stage 2: - It didn't happen - It is too complicated to explain, but trust us, it's fine - Ok it did happen but actually that's good and was the right thing to do - Labour were doing it worse - It happened and it was wrong, and we apologise, and we consider the matter closed. -...
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    [News] Roll Up! Roll Up! Anyone Else Want To Go On Strike?

    Then, if people still aren't being paid enough to live on, they'll have to go and get a different job (as the tories are always telling us we should) and then there still won't be anybody to staff the railway/airport/hospital/school/etc. And then you'll moan about the shit service they offer...
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    [Albion] Trossard

    And he's probably reached a point in his career where he feels he has nothing to lose by trying. He has proved he is more than capable of playing in the Premier league, so if he goes to a Champions League club and 'fails', the step down won't be anywhere as significant as it would have been if...
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    [Football] Could Ecuador really get kicked out of WC?

    But how is that the concern of FIFA? All countries set their own citizenship rules anyway, so it is totally up to the Ecuadorian government as to whether his citizenship is legitimate. In the same way Mo Farah is not having his British citizenship revoked, surely if the Ecuadorian government...