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    [Football] England v Italy UEFA Euros qualifier 7.45

    ‘Like watching Brighton’ (but not quite as good!)
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    [Albion] muff,spurs and chelsea tickets

    Just snaffled 2, 1 remaining
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    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Crystal Palace *** Official Match Thread ***

    Top quote from WA. “Their keeper, if he’s 5’10”, he’s got high heels on!”
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    [TV] Endeavour on ITV.

    Just watched on catch-up, bloody brilliant!
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    [Misc] Who was your first childhood crush.

    Suspect you would have!
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    [Albion] Fulham Team News

    Did I read a comment/query about fitness of Mitrovich and Wilian? That would be a Brucie Bonus!
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    [Albion] Crystal Palace vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Palace fans on their site are not happy with their starting XI (to say the least). Nailed on 3 points for them then!
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    [NSC] Wristwatches,do you wear one ?

    Garmin Venu 2 day to day and Rolex Sub for special occasions.
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    [Albion] Stoke Tickets

    Maybe Uncle Tony will buy us a Bovril or Hot Chocolate as a goodwill gesture!
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    [Albion] FA Cup fifth round - who do you want?

    How is that a red card and not the tackle on Fergie??
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    [Albion] New Song for Mitoma

    ‘Don’t need Trossard’ anymore
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    [Albion] FA Cup fourth round

    ‘Trossard back to help his defence.’ Isn’t that why he fell out with RDZ?
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    [Albion] Lallana

    No luck today but difficult to see what had happened. Expect we will find out later this week but he would have been desperate to play next Sunday.
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    [Albion] Wolves or Liverpool?

    Salah getting some minutes as didn’t get much of an opportunity at the weekend.
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    [Albion] Gonçalo Ramos

    Beats me why he would do such a thing!
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    [Albion] As you get older

    Nope, not too concerned. Oh well! I turned the tv over and been watching Murder on the OE.
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    [Football] Stan Bowles.

    Saw him play at a charity game as the Hove Greyhound Stadium back in the 70s and got his autograph afterwards.
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    [Football] World Cup - Day Ten

    Shame for the lads but pleased to have them back unscathed
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    [Travel] Christmas Markets

    I hear the Winchester Christmas Market is very good. Am spending a few days in the New Forest early next month and will definitely pay a visit.
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    [Albion] Well done Arsenal

    Right on so many levels