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  1. Curious Orange

    [Albion] Evan Ferguson

    I was just watching the Evan Ferguson goals so far video on YouTube and noticed that for his second against Grimsby Denis Undav raised his hands in celebration before Ferguson had even hit it!
  2. Curious Orange

    [Albion] England Squad announcement shortly

    I thought Palace played okay last night, but I didn't see any evidence of Guehi being an exceptional talent at centre back.
  3. Curious Orange

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Crystal Palace *** Official Match Thread ***

    Well, they certainly had more about them than West Ham.
  4. Curious Orange

    [Albion] Pre-match light show tonight

    It was understated. They're flaming the East Stand now.
  5. Curious Orange

    [Finance] SVB - New banking crisis looming?

    Presumably SVB UK comes under our regulatory framework, rather than the US one which was deregulated under the previous administration to remove the checks that would have meant the collapse of the parent company could have been avoided?
  6. Curious Orange

    [Albion] Parking Palace

    Showing as Sold Out for me.
  7. Curious Orange

    Official Running Thread

    Well done. Surrey Half #10 for me, and finished in about 1:44 - some twenty minutes off my pb, but satisfactory given my current level of fitness. I was surprised that there was nothing made of it being the 10th running of the event. I guess this maybe got missed in the change of organisers...
  8. Curious Orange

    [Football] Gary Lineker to step back from presenting MOTD

    I'm a bit nonplussed by this, as the reaction on all sides seems a bit over the top to what doesn't seem a remarkably controversial tweet.
  9. Curious Orange

    [Misc] Have you put the heating on yet? (2022/23 edition)

    Yeah, I had heard the chances were vanishingly small. I tend to enable heating of the tank in the hour before the central heating comes on in the morning (with a couple of top ups later in the day), and it can take as little as twenty minutes to reach temperature depending on what has happened...
  10. Curious Orange

    [Misc] Have you put the heating on yet? (2022/23 edition)

    Is yours a system boiler, or combi? Ours is a 30kWh system boiler, so 60C target flow is as low as we can go to avoid legionella in the hot water tank. We're heating a four bedroom detached house, hence the more powerful boiler.
  11. Curious Orange

    [Misc] Have you put the heating on yet? (2022/23 edition)

    It is a different mindset with condensing boilers, as you get better efficiencies by heating everything within the thermal envelope of the building to a consistent temperature. The aim is to make the best use of the lower flow temperature so that the return temperature to the boiler is low...
  12. Curious Orange

    [Misc] Have you put the heating on yet? (2022/23 edition)

    Thought I'd revisit this thread, given the snow outside. The tweak to the plumbing seems to have done the job and the radiators are now coming on a lot more strongly and evenly, and I've been able to reduce the target flow temperature for the boiler to 60C (from 75C previously). More...
  13. Curious Orange

    [Albion] No just Seagulls ripping an opponent a new one!

    Is there an osprey living in the WSU too?
  14. Curious Orange

    [Albion] Fannying about at the back

    One of my favourite moments of the match was when West Ham looked like they'd finally twigged Steele's short ball into the midfield pivots ... only for him to belt it out wide to Veltman to hoots of laughter from the WSU! 🤣
  15. Curious Orange

    [Albion] Palace Fans Biggest Fear

    I'd prefer at least 5 to fully expunge the memory of being at THAT game...
  16. Curious Orange

    [Albion] Brentford and Wolves parking - home matches

    There was 1 ticket showing for both Brentford and Wolves a few minutes ago... and now there isn't. :thumbsup:
  17. Curious Orange

    Official Running Thread

    I ran to Button Hall and back today, a trip of ten miles. No ghosts spotted.
  18. Curious Orange

    [Football] John Motson - RIP

    I'm welling up a bit at this news... everyone has said it, he absolutely was the voice of football - a reassuring presence through the decades. He shall be missed.
  19. Curious Orange

    [Travel] Spanish Trains - RENFE

    I can't remember the length of the unit tbh, and it was in the current Southern livery, but would have definitely worn blue/grey when first built.
  20. Curious Orange

    [News] Roald Dahl being updated for modern times

    There are only labels in the culture war.