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  1. Acker79

    [Misc] Excel help

    I dunno... genocide, wild wealth inequality, starving children in supposed first world countries, being a palace supporter... It is reassuring to know I'm not as far behind as I thought, but I don't know that I was thinking vanity. I tend to assume excel has reached a point where there's...
  2. Acker79

    [Misc] Excel help

    It should do.
  3. Acker79

    [Misc] Excel help

    I'm not the most advanced user of excel, but am confident. I have a way, but it might be convoluted and more complex than necessary. In cell N2, O2, P2... =IF(D2="x", "1, ","") (red number corresponding to the relevant column Copy and paste into N3, N4, etc. Then in cell X2 I'd put =N2 & O2...